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Weedovia is the name of Bob's small fiefdom, consisting of Bob's castle, neighboring town, and surrounding countryside.  It is located a day’s journey east and south of the King's palace, and is located in the gently rolling hills in the heart of Pleopia.

Bob's castle sits atop a crest along the main road leading from the south up to the King's palace.  The town runs along the road to the south of the castle, extending across the open field. 

The town consists of a few blocks of shops along the main north/south road with small workshops and farmsteads backing up to the stores, filling out into the valley.  The town has somewhat of an alpine village look to it, but with all the modern amenities including a Pleo-Mart on the south side.  Currently the town has one restaurant, a pizza shop, a candy store, a toy store, library and several clothing stores centered around the town square at the intersection of them main road and the west road.  There are a number of available shops (with residences above the storefronts) along the main road, as well as a number of small farms (even Bob tends his own garden and has his own livestock so as not to be a burden on those in his realm).

Directly south of the castle and west of the town is the large open field used for the semi-annual Tomato harvest fairgrounds.   The fairgrounds include the town’s large tomato press, an awards stage, picnic tables, dance floor with a stage for the band, the city hall, a roller coaster, and several other permanent game booths. To the south of the fairgrounds and east of town are the fields of wild tomatoes worked by the townsfolk.  The south side of town is home to the Pleo-Mart super center, the ice skating rink, and the city park.  The park borders a small fishing pond at sits at the base of Lookout Mountain.  And east of town, past the tomato fields, lies the foreboding ice mountains and secret lair of Dr. Mel.

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