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Pleopia, The land of the pleos, that wonderful part of the world where the pleos live and play.  Pleopia was once ruled over by King Teddi, a benevolent pleo loved by all.  But even then Pleopia had it's own version of MI5, His Majesty's Secret Service to protect against the evil plots of Dr. Mel and the now dismissed Royal Guard to protect against any military threats.

Pleopia consists of a small pleo-shaped continent and surrounding islands.  It has a wide range of climates including a desert and deep blue lake in the head area, forests across most of the back, prairie, jungle, swamplands, and even a treacherous frozen mountain range as well.  Small communities and pleo homesteads are scattered around the continent, but the two main centers are the abandoned castle grounds of King Teddi, and the fiefdom of Weedovia.

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