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King Teddi and Queen Salli

King Teddi is the reigning monarch of Pleopia.  He was a kind and benevolent pleo, who with his mate Queen Salli, ruled with a gentle hand.   After the fall of Ugobia, King Teddi and Queen Salli vanished from the castle never to be heard from again . . .

Teddi and his wife Salli are newly arrived residents of Weedovia, arriving suspiciously about the same time King Teddi vanished from the palace.  They set up shop as the town's clothiers and run Regal Rags because they supposedly make clothes for the king, but the store name was made up on the fly to cover up the fact that Salli has been spotted on many occasions wearing a crown . . .

Teddi can usually be found with a dressmaker's measuring tape hung around his neck and reading glasses to help thread the needles.
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