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 on: Yesterday at 03:21:07 PM 
Started by Pleo Power - Last post by Talon
Awesome news, PleoPower! Glad your herd is roaming happy and free again.

 on: February 21, 2019, 01:25:11 AM 
Started by InmemoryofRomeo - Last post by Piggy
Thanks for your reply  :D I can indeed buy them from eBay or amazon, but the with the import taxes and shipping it will become very expensive. So I think I have to wait a while for blue to get cheaper and then I will buy one  :D

Wow three D Rexes that is so awesome, in the Netherlands they are very hard to come by. Must be really cool to see all three of them roaring at each other!

 on: February 20, 2019, 03:09:25 AM 
Started by Pleo Power - Last post by Pleo Power
Well... two years later and this is finally over. I found a place that can repair batteries called "batteries plus bulbs" and had them fix one, and just got it back the other day. It works. and even better, All three of my Pleos work perfectly fine. I have no idea what caused them to seem bricked so long ago, but I'm thinking it was the batteries I had. Also, they said they've been getting a ton of Pleo batteries in the last two months, so others out there are finding this method, and their Pleos will still work! Coppers neck is actually fine, it just seems to slump a bit when not in motion, due to the skin being torn up. Cammey's neck is still broken, but still can move like it use to. Consider me officially back as a regular user, I'll be on here a lot  :) ( now that I actually have working Pleos again )

 on: February 20, 2019, 02:45:28 AM 
Started by InmemoryofRomeo - Last post by Pleo Power
I'm not sure. I haven't seen them in stores here ( the US ) so I'm not sure if they can only be bought online? Mattel have them on their website, and there's always amazon and ebay, but I'm not sure what the shipping would be, or if Mattel ship to there?

My trio of D.Rexes are still working, too. ...and also can't walk unless in attack mode or helped/lifted so they're walking in the air. They sometimes get stuck in an animation while trying to move, or walk. ...and some of their motions are connected to walking.

 on: February 20, 2019, 02:10:10 AM 
Started by InmemoryofRomeo - Last post by Piggy
When can I buy this in the Netherlands? This is such a cool robot  :dino-chase: :D !
I still have my old D Rex the interactive dinosaur from Mattel 2008 ! He does not walk anymore but still works great. Great review Pleo Power !

 on: February 18, 2019, 07:39:30 PM 
Started by InmemoryofRomeo - Last post by Pleo Power
I got a Blue for my birthday last year, So... here's my review and observations.

She can not walk unless in direct control mode, or training mode and given the command, but is the fastest by far of all of my robotic dinosaurs. ( ...not saying much, as I don't have a zoomer, but still ) She has wheels on her feet almost like rollerblades. Somehow her touch sensors work through solid plastic, and she has one on her head and one under her chin. The remote is needed even when autonomous, because you "feed" her by holding a button and making a tossing gesture with the remote, simulating feeding her a dead rat as seen in the film. She can see with two motion sensors in her nose holes, and hear through small holes on her neck.She also has two sensors that seem to be for motion on her chest, which are not listed in the instructions, my best guess would be to guard against falling off a table.

She is covered entirely in plastic, with a stiff rubber for her hands, claws and the tip of her tail.

Training mode: She comes with instructions telling you what to do, you click a button on the controller and make a gesture with the remote and hopefully she will turn, move, roar or attack, depending on the command. Then you reward her with imaginary food. At first you can only have her do simple commands, like turn around. Over time this will level up and unlock the ability to do more, until you reach the final one "attack".

Direct control mode(s): Unlike Robotraptor/Roboreptile, she has two modes of direct control One which is for walking/skating around and another for her eyes ( open and close as well as looking around ) and roaring.

Autonomous mode(s): Three modes for this, one friendly, one neutral and one hostile. she will make sounds, get hungry and react to petting while like this, and kind of do her own thing ...as long as that doesn't involve walking.

Her battery is internal and would be difficult to replace, she comes with a charger, a remote and her box transforms into a decently large area for her to walk if your floor is a rug. Also a cable to connect to computers for software updates.

The remote is... pretty much a Wii nunchuck. it's the same size and shape as one, but with more buttons. the stick is for direct control, two buttons cycle her modes, one is for food and one is a clicker, like Owen has in the films.

She has some of the classic JP raptor sounds as well as several new to the two Jurassic World films.

She is roughly the size of a Roboraptor, but not quite as long, and she is much less.... chaotic than they are, due to not being able to freely walk.

Interestingly enough, I tested the clicker with Roboraptor and they actually respond to it. It's not infrared or anything, it makes a sound, and they will turn or charge in the direction of it. Roboreptile will not.

 on: February 18, 2019, 06:52:49 PM 
Started by taoworm23 - Last post by Pleo Power
The battery I took to a battery repair place has been re-celled and works perfectly fine. Should I make a topic about this?

Also I tested it in all three of my Pleos and they all work again. I'm not sure what happened years ago, but it seems to have been the battery.

 on: February 12, 2019, 04:58:21 AM 
Started by taoworm23 - Last post by pnhicks
Hi Clovoro,

Just about right, remember the key on battery is to ensure: 1) proper polarity on installation in Pleo and in charger.

2) To ensure that the battery is charged on the correct charger brown on brown, green on green. 

The Ugobe Pleo was made before there was a brown and therefore has no provision for its key in its battery bay.  That doesn't mean the brown battery will damage it (as long as it is installed with the correct polarity).

The RB Pleo was made with two keyways in the battery bay of the pleo, so it can accept all three batteries without problem.  Its brown charger on the other hand only accepts the original lipo battery configuration.

The White battery (egg charger) has the Ugobe key configuration and can be used in both versions without mod , but the egg charger can only charge lipo batteries (I don't know if it has one key way or two) If it has two keyways it could charge the brown RB batteries as well.

Buying a used charger is not a particularly good idea (IMHO) as they were crap (technical term) chargers in 2009 and will not have improved in someone's garage in 10 years (unlike say wine).

Your battery is constructed of 6  1.2V NiMH batteries spot welded together in a 6S (6 cells in series) configuration.  There is also a fuse current limiter and the famous temperature sensor. Connecting any good battery charger that charges NiMH battery packs in this configuration is a much better and safer option.

Some people recommend deep freezing the battery for 48 hour before the charging process to help restore the battery.



 on: February 11, 2019, 11:36:15 AM 
Started by taoworm23 - Last post by Clovoro
I don't think I got notifications for these replies, for some reason.

I do try to check on ebay, but I haven't had much luck lately. I saw a green charger on its own a while ago but I guess someone bought it, because it disappeared. I see cords/cables for the charger often, for some reason. I hope customs would let you send to the US, Anya ^^ Though I think I might still have to find a charger. Both of my babes are Ugobe, but I don't have a green charger.

Hm.... so... Classic: NiMH and green charger or Lithium-ion and egg. RB: Lithium-ion, brown charger. A tab prevents you from using the RB battery and egg battery in the wrong Pleos?

Things can be done to make all three battery types work in a Ugobe, but it would have to be done carefully, if it were done....? In the end I'm not sure I could do it. I do have a dead Ugobe battery I could technically try, though?? I just don't want my only charger to be damaged. Hm... Maybe if I got an RB battery and messed with that?? I am confused~

 on: February 08, 2019, 11:31:25 AM 
Started by aibo7m3 - Last post by aibo7m3
I've been busy and haven't gotten a chance to open up Mimi yet, but I tried running Stats RB on her for the first time today, which gave me an odd report. Stats RB reported her as a Ugobe Pleo, rather than a Pleo RB. Probe RB gave the "property load failed" error again. This confused me, since she was never given a Ugobe update and Probe RB was able to report her data when I first received her some years back. In response to this, I decided to give her a high level RB update. In the past, this update has failed when I have tried to run it on her. Today, for reasons unknown to me, the update succeeded. Upon waking up from the update, she was in the hatchling stage with no run time logged. She now also shuts off when the power button is held down, which she was not doing before.

However, she definitely does have some sort of hardware issue, as her speaker is still full of very abnormal sounding pops and buzzes. I do not know why she reset to a hatchling either, as she was not a hatchling when I received her. It seems like all of her data was wiped, as Stats RB recognizes her as a Pleo RB, but all of her personality data has defaulted to "normal" and all of her current well-being stats have defaulted to 50%. She has not crashed again yet, but I presume she will as whatever hardware issue is going on is still there.

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