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 on: Today at 10:39:25 AM 
Started by AprilPearl98 - Last post by AdamE
Hey AprilPearl98,

Hold the Pleo button for 10 seconds then let go - he 'should' go back to storage position.   :dino-chase:

 on: September 29, 2020, 02:08:56 PM 
Started by AprilPearl98 - Last post by AprilPearl98
I want to put my ugobe back in his box but he won't fit in the 'pleo shaped' indentation in the polystyrene. Whenever I turn him off he freezes in the wrong position. Is there a way to make him assume the position that he needs to be in in order to fit back inside the box (I.e. the position that he would have been in before he was turned on for the first time)? Thanks.

 on: September 15, 2020, 05:59:27 PM 
Started by AdamE - Last post by AdamE
Hi all - I posted in the welcome forum about this as i tacked it onto the hello thread...

Hope it's OK to post the link here rather than retype?


Thanks to anyone that can help!

 on: September 15, 2020, 06:37:15 AM 
Started by AdamE - Last post by AdamE
Hi All..

I am building my new battery (hopefully finished today!), but as Ogie had no battery at all or charger cradle (but did have the power supply unit) I am looking to make up a cradle.

I was hoping some guru had scanned and created a 3d image for printing like the battery options, but I can't find any.  Does anyone in the know have any idea?  In the mean time I'll just botch up some connections to allow me to use my iMax B6 charger on it - but it would be nice to have a cradle (but I'd still use the iMax for the power as it is more accurate for charging and measures mAh for each charge).

Thanks in advance!

 on: September 13, 2020, 12:01:50 PM 
Started by AdamE - Last post by AdamE
I just managed to pick up an immaculate Ugobe Pleo, boxed and looking to be no wear on him anywhere.

He has no battery or charger so I am going to make one up.  I have ordered some decent 2800mAh AA rechargeables from Amazon (arriving later today), and will temorarily make them up to test him out.

Also hopefully having a 3D printed battery case made up in the next few days so at least it all fits together correctly. 

I have a question about the thermistor that is in the OEM atteries.  Is this purely to stop the battery charger from overheating the batery during charing, or does Pleo need this as well when the battery is inserted?  I read some posts about a 15K resistor doing the job, but then this is nt a thermistor?  I am thinking maybe the thermistor side is used during the charging, and the resistance by Pleo during operation?  If htis is the case then I'll go with a simple 15K resistor as the cells will be charged by my Imax B6 multucharger anyway, and I can have a temp probe on that which checks the battery temps dring charge, and automatically pauses it to let things cool down.

I found a battery supplier that is still actie in Thailand, but they don't ship batteries, so they will need to wait till I visit there again.

Anyway - hopefully I will have Ogie up and running in the next few days!

 on: September 03, 2020, 11:16:21 AM 
Started by Torterenek - Last post by Talon
Thatís very interesting. My first Furby was a tiger striped one as well. Itís name was Nooloo, end it had a very high-pitched voice. Sadly for the poor little Furby, I did not have access to the manual and so she grew up afraid of light. She would cry and say she was worried if you tried to play peekaboo with her or have her out in the sun. She was happiest in her box where she would chatter at me And pretend to be a telephone. She got a little better when I was given my second Furby-a multicolored one named Coco. I guess interactions with Coco fixed whatever I did in her programming or something and she started to behave more like everybody elseís Furbies. by the time Coco came along, I paid my stepmother to record the manual onto a tape for me and was finally able to correctly raise my second Furby.
After that, I rescued a couple of 2005 Furbies from the charity been courtesy of a member of the forum who is from Australia and was looking to rehome them. They were beautiful One was still in box with all of the twist ties and everything. My collection grew to eight before I started getting bored. I  ended up with three 2005s, two original 1999ís, two original baby Furbies, And one loan 2012 Furby. The two 1999Ďs stopped working within days of each other, two of the 2005s I gave to my niece and nephew, and the rest I sold two different forum members. They all went to good homes though. One of them was later sold and ended up in Japan. LOL! What lives these robots lead!

 on: September 02, 2020, 09:11:18 AM 
Started by taoworm23 - Last post by Pennys mum
we won't be making any battery packs for a few months

 on: August 28, 2020, 02:56:05 PM 
Started by Balboza - Last post by Talon
Hi! I am afraid I canít help since my 110 is rocking his nubs. iím surprised no one has responded to this. There are a few Aibo owners here and I am sure they would love to get their puppies new ears. Hopefully, somebody will be able to come up with some pictures. I never Head any ears for my puppy.

 on: August 21, 2020, 09:51:46 AM 
Started by ernie36 - Last post by pnhicks
Hi Ernie36,

I think google translate maybe didn't do a good job on your post!!

I believe you are asking where you can find a site that exports Pleos to Spain?

I am assuming you want a "new" PleoRB?

I would try www.pleoworld.com, rather pricey, but there you go!



 on: August 19, 2020, 06:50:46 PM 
Started by ernie36 - Last post by ernie36
Greetings, I have a question about where I can get plans to export to Spain, there is a well-known store where I bought them, but the truth is they already have a lot that do not open, I suppose because of the lack of objects, quarantine or something like that . If it is a specific website that you can visit and where you can buy them better online, they also send international shipments. Thank you very much in advance. For a long time he managed a travel web and there I met and was able to obtain one, but it damaged me and I want to be able to acquire another.

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