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 on: June 28, 2020, 11:30:58 PM 
Started by subspace - Last post by Dinomour
Here I found this tutorial...


The battery of my pleo just broke  :(
It was working fine until a few days ago. Now, my Pleo can stay awake only 2 minutes...

 on: June 28, 2020, 02:10:13 PM 
Started by Stas - Last post by aibo7m3
Is your Pleo the Ugobe or RB model? RBs take longer to grow up and need around 10-15 hours of run time in order to reach adult stage, so if your Pleo has not been run for this long, he may just need more time. However, if your Pleo is an RB, it's also possible that he is grown up already, but his mood or health is too low for him to walk or interact with you fully. Pleo RBs need to be fed regularly using their RFID equipped plastic leaves, need to be kept in a very well-lit environment and shouldn't be run too early or late at night, as these factors can all influence the Pleo's behavior and your Pleo may become fussy or inactive if his care needs are not being met well.

Another important note is that regardless of your Pleo's model, he will only save run time data if he is shut off using the power switch/button and may not be able to log new run time if the battery is pulled out or dies abruptly. If your Pleo has a failing battery, it's possible that his battery is dying early, not giving him the chance to save and preventing him from growing up.

(Also as a warning, if your Pleo is the RB model, make sure NOT to run any of the Ugobe updates on him as these updates are not intended for the RB model and can cause harm.)

 on: June 28, 2020, 10:15:20 AM 
Started by Stas - Last post by pnhicks
Hi Stas,

I haven't heard of this one before!  Are you his first owner, or did he come from an owner that might have tried (or have you tried) an OS update?

What exactly does he do? Does the head move side to side and up and down?  Does he wag his tail? 

Does he make a full range of sounds, or just one grunt?

I think the next step would be to get him hooked up to Dino-mite to see what is going on with his OS.  This program is available in the download section of the forum.  The drivers can be tricky to install on modern PCs as it was written in the days of WinXPSP3, and  Windows doesn't like unsigned device drivers so you will have to find your work around.

Some users prefer a virtual PC  with Windows XP and disable device driver signing.  Some people STILL have an XP machine laying around for god knows what reason, and yet others (myself included have gotten it to work on Win10 64 bit in WinXP sp3 compatibility mode).

The same goes for Win7 and others.  Let's just say don't give up at the first.  It is trial and error (at least for me).  Serial communication with the Pleo is always a bit of hit and miss, many sessions will just stop working for no apparent reason.

Don't have the only copy of your Phd thesis, or 500 page novel ready to publish open at the same time (just in case).

If the installation of the drivers isn't bad enough, there is a problem with the installation with most computers that requires re-registering COMDLG32.OCX. You can find the instructions and the file in downloads Dino Fix.

Easy, huh.

Once you get set up, get back to me and we'll take a look at what you've got.  Unless another member comes up with a better solution sooner!



 on: June 28, 2020, 05:08:53 AM 
Started by Stas - Last post by Stas
Hello everyone!

I have Pleo since some years. For any reason, he stays at near-newborn level. Just makes sounds and reacts to touchings, but that's it - no walking, nothing.
After active trials at the beginning, I abandoned him for a while. But now wanna try to reanimate this pure thing.
Does anyone met such problem? What can I do?

Thanks in advance for any help!

 on: June 22, 2020, 04:12:10 AM 
Started by Soli - Last post by pnhicks
Good on you Soli!  ;) 

Have fun with your Pleo!



 on: June 21, 2020, 05:17:54 PM 
Started by Soli - Last post by Soli
Hey pnhicks thank you very much for all your help! I got some batteries that were advertised as Panasonic Enloop alternatives and popped them in and Pleo has been running fine for an hour now!

And I think I understand now! Thank you for your analogy as well :)

 on: June 19, 2020, 08:49:38 PM 
Started by Boxwoodhedges - Last post by Boxwoodhedges
Your narrative made me laugh! You are a fun writer! Thank you for the further explanation of pleoís quirks. My brother is a big coder so Iím going to try and get him interested in helping me. Iím sure we can figure something out for my Mac...?

I will check out the commercial on YouTube . Iím 43 but the line didnít hit me right away...so maybe I donít know the reference.

Pleo is a joy! And Iím glad we have this forum!!

 on: June 19, 2020, 01:20:53 AM 
Started by Boxwoodhedges - Last post by pnhicks

Better get use to mechanical noises coming from Pleo!  Legs, neck, (torso and tail not so much) but Pleo is very mechanical in nature! Every once in a while something will get out of sync and "click" there it goes, pack in place, no harm done!  The RB is also prone to a genetic disease called leg clicking.  There are actual skits to "cure" this, but as I have never had to deal with it, I can't tell you more.

Now what will bring shivers down your spine is that fateful day when you hear a sound like a guitar string breaking, and Pleo starts examining the floor balefully (kind of like a dinosaur version of Eeyore).  You now have a Pleo with a broken neck cable! 

The most common is the up down, rarely the left right.  The tail seems to hold out better (the head weighs too much for the neck).  The short neck with relatively large head was the one of the primary reasons Ugobe chose the Camarasaurus as the dinosaur to model for Pleo.

I am not a Mac, I am a PC (you are not old enough to remember the commercial, you can find it on youtube, probably).  You probably need a PC if you want to be super into anything....except finger painting (just kiddin) :D

Can't you run anything on anything now a days with virtual shells?  Check it out!

Have fun and don't panic, Pleo is fairly robust for the most part.



 on: June 18, 2020, 07:23:42 PM 
Started by Boxwoodhedges - Last post by Boxwoodhedges
I will!! Thank you! Have you had any luck with Macintosh programming? We donít own a PC but may need to get one if we get super into Pleo.

We had our first neck clicking incident! HORRIFYING! INTENSE!! We turned Pleo off and then on. It fixed itself...THANKFULLY!!

Thank you for writing!!

 on: June 18, 2020, 11:26:50 AM 
Started by Boxwoodhedges - Last post by pnhicks
Hi BoxwoodH,

Have you looked at the other play stones?

Learning stones (Eat/Dance/Play/Sing/Count/Come to me)  Its two packs of stones you can buy for your RB!


Eat - PLEO rb will "eat" an early dinner or something it dislikes (i.e. herbs) after hearing this verbal command from you if it's hungry or not.

Dance - PLEO rb will "dance" after hearing this verbal command from you.

Play - PLEO rb will "play tricks" after hearing this verbal command from you by applying the "tricks" instructions found on the back of this page.

Sing - PLEO rb will "hum or sing" a song after hearing this verbal command from you.

Count - PLEO rb will "count" after hearing this verbal command from you by standing still and looking up at you. Then after clapping your hands loudly and continuously in front of PLEO rb (within 6 to 8 inches or 15 to 20cm) it will respond with the same number of head nods or tail wags up to five!

Come to me - PLEO rb will walk forward after hearing this verbal command from you.

If Pleoworld won't ship them to you, you can probably find them on Ebay or your local classified ads.

I was really hoping that you were going to look into the skit makers like YAPT or Myskit?  There some examples on the download section of the forum of what other owners (granted talented ones) have been able to create.

Give it a shot before giving in to the temptation of the store bought fun!



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