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Author Topic: My lovely pink Pleo RB  (Read 611 times)


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My lovely pink Pleo RB
« on: August 01, 2020, 07:35:56 PM »

My pink pleo RB is currently on her way from Denmark to Australia, I registered her on pleoworld a little while ago and wanted to share her hatching image with you all!  P:)

I find it so fascinating that they made these images for the individual RBs - I tried looking at others to see if it was just a photoshopped image or if they used the same one for all the pink pleos etc. but it really does seem that this is a genuinely unique image of my pleo!
Her hatch date was 11th of February 2014, her previous owner did not purchase her until 2016 and she is still in near perfect condition. I can't wait for her to arrive!

I also found out the following info about her:
This subject embryo will grow to be brave and compliant. This subject embryo will be gentle, healthy and quiet.

Her "PEGD prediction report" is interesting but I don't really understand it, and can't find an explanation about them anywhere.

I haven't landed on a name for this little one yet, but I think it'll come to me once I get to know her!


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Re: My lovely pink Pleo RB
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2020, 04:27:16 AM »

Hi Lucky,

The Pinks and Blues were originally a Hong Kong manufactured variety see forum http://bobthepleo.com/forums/index.php/topic,1740.25.html

the gist for those impatient souls:

PLEO Embryo Genetic Diagnosis (PEGD)

Our scientistís best prediction*of your PLEO rb SN ************

This subject embryo will have a 65-75% chance of being male;
As with living pets, PLEO rbís physical and mental development is
greatly determined by the way it is nurtured. So please nurture your
PLEO rb properly in order to be rewarded with a happy and healthy

*Innvo Labs scientists are now conducting clinical PLEO Embryo Genetic Diagnosis (PEGD)
on each PLEO rb embryo to ensure they are genetically sound and will grow into a healthy
PLEO rb after being born in the lab.
Based on the PEGD test data our scientists can roughly predict the gender and DNA
characteristics of each PLEO rb newborn.
However, since our knowledge of PLEO rbís genetics is still in the early stage of
development the predictions are to be considered only an estimate.
however temperature variations during incubation might alter
this prediction.

● This subject embryo will grow to be brave and independent.
● This subject embryo will be sensitive, strong and active.

Okay so what?

Your RB comes with a "personality" somewhat defined by built in "DNA"  see plleopet's webpage PleoRB Personality Overview
PleoRB DNAThere are several DNA properties that aren't changed during the lifetime of a normal PleoRB. You can examine them with statsRB, ProbeRB or ChangeRB. You can change them with ChangeRB.
  • DNA "Gender" - very little used right now. Hard coded in PLEOPM. There are three settings: Gender Neutral (usual for Green colored PleoRBs), Make (usual for Blue colored PleoRBs) and Female (usual for Pink colored PleoRBs).
  • DNA "Temper" - influences current "Mood". A bad tempered PleoRB will take more care and attention to keep it happy ("Good", "Normal", "Bad")
  • DNA "Courage" - influences current "Emotion".
  • DNA "Physical" - influences current "Health" and current "Physical" fitness ("Strong", "Normal", "Weak")
  • DNA "Activeness" - influences current "Activity" - Not currently used
  • DNA "Intelligence" - influences current "Obedience" and current "Skill" ("Smart", "Normal", "Dumb")

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