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Author Topic: How I restored my Pleo RB and made him newborn again.  (Read 1756 times)


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How I restored my Pleo RB and made him newborn again.
« on: September 06, 2017, 01:06:24 AM »

Last year I bought used Pleo RB after sometime I decided to update it, but as many of us did I accidentaly installed usual Pleo firmware and poor soul got died. Then I started to research about how to restore it couldn't find anything, even contacted Asian support (as here in Russia we don't have normal service regarding such toys) and I couldn't find answer to my question. At my own risk I uploaded low level firmware (one which is called reset in upload section) and my Pleo rb got bricked completely. Once I was turning it on the led was red, and once I was trying to install high level firmware (all versions 1.0 male or female and 1.1 male or female) the result was same dino was telling me update failed. As it was gift, I had to find another one and this guy found his place on shelf. Yesterday I had free time (finally) for experiments. As poor soul was already dead I had field for experiments. Anyway. I managed to bring him back to life AND make him newborn again (stage 1). How I did it.
Step 1. Low level firmware (reset). I noticed that there are 2 *.img files. So I copied all files to sd card (formatted in FAT32) and deleted pleoa.img. And it started to update. And within 2 minutes it said update complete.
Step 2. High level firmware. I took version 1.1 Female. Cleared sd card again. And copied 1.1 Female firmware. And after 5 minutes of waiting Pleo finally said... Update Complete!.
Hint. When updates are finished you can't turn off pleo with power button. You should remove battery. It's normal.
So when I turned my Pleo RB again it started to behave itself like a newborn!

I hope that it can be useful for people who faces problems like I did.


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Re: How I restored my Pleo RB and made him newborn again.
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2019, 02:43:53 PM »

Is this fake? Several posts say it is impossible to reset to hatchling, and that trying can brick your rob. So, if this is true why is this post still here?


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Re: How I restored my Pleo RB and made him newborn again.
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2019, 02:18:23 PM »

hello and welcome! No idea why this is here. I'm not sure if it's fake. I've never seen this post before. My thought is no one wanted to respond because none of us know how reliable or trustworthy it is. Since none of us have tried doing what this person suggested- EG whether it really works or bricks an already bricked robot- none of us know whether it works or not. I've never seen any other posts by stanmarsh either.
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