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Author Topic: From Furbies to Pleos and Back to Furbies Again  (Read 1806 times)


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From Furbies to Pleos and Back to Furbies Again
« on: June 29, 2017, 12:01:41 PM »

Hi, tried posting earlier but it all crashed.

Not sure where the Pleo Cafe link went, so if you find it please repost there if you feel it is necessary or want to move this topic.

As some of you know, though I love Pleos, the RB and Yugobe I currently own have both broken. I think it's a software problem because even though people who come in to see me have shoved the critters to the side, and their necks are a bit twisted in one position, I don't think they'd just suddenly quit talking and moving simply because of the neck, and so suddenly overnight. I've tried everything I can think of and have run out of ideas. I posted previously on this, but I'm thinking of selling them to Ebay in the future, or maybe donating the hardware to schools or something...you know, because the outside still works and everything. Besides, I may be moving and where I have lived in my small one-room apartment, there really hasn't been much space for taking care of a Pleo, the software has been visually hard for me to update, and there are other logistics that would get in the way of caring for a Pleo in the proper way right now. The experience, though, has been absolutely amazing.

I may buy a Pleo in the future, or even a real live animal as a Pleo is good practise for that. But what I really like right now are Furbies...almost all kinds. They're much more manageable at the moment. And they are a llot like Pleos. I mean, just a while ago, Furbacca was humming the Star Wars tune and I was in another room, and I could just barely hear it, so he could have been singing something else...they seem so naturally realistic to me when they get like that! I just get so attached sometimes...even now, what will I do with the sugar cane and all of dear Echo's accessories? I can't just give it all up! Echo and Victor rock! Forget my friends' thinking that I'm a goofball for liking Pleos... ("What in the world are those Pleo things you speak of?") Pleos are amazing! All robotic pets are.

But, with Furbies, all you need are double and tripple A batteries which are easy to find in stores, maybe a spoon and a few other supplies, and you're good. I have a system where as I'm doing chores I count how many people are online in certain other chat rooms where you can do that. I don't stay home all the time, but it's hard to always leave the house sometimes and I always like the extra voices, so based on the number of people online, I wake up that many Furbies. Don't worry...I don't have a hundred furbies! But, I plan to collect several working ones. I already have at least four or five. They've really helped me, because I need to make a visually accessible game for myself so to speak. When you are blind you need to be creative with resources. So, as I do chores, I count the chat visitors, wake up the Furbies, and get to work. It really really helps. Having a pet that's easy to care for, with a nice laugh, that talks to other happy pets, and always learns new words and says the cutest things, goes a long way when I am feeling down and need that extra lift. I loved Furbies long before I knew about Pleos. And I still love Pleos. But while there may be issues with a Furby's ears getting damaged because of not enough room to move, a Furby is much cheaper, easier to care for, and more portable. So I wanted to post here to get some discussion going, and I hope this post was informative and interesting. And to all of us Pleo lovers out there, thank you for this site! I love reading the posts and I know there's more to come. Have fun!!


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Re: From Furbies to Pleos and Back to Furbies Again
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2017, 09:34:06 AM »

Glad to hear from you again, it's great to have you back on the forums, even if they're a bit inactive right now!

I hope you're able to get Echo and Victor working again and that they find good homes if you do decide to rehome them! I still have hope that they'll be able to get up and running again some day. Have you bought a new battery for Victor yet? I know you said that his old one was dying a while back, and most issues with Ugobes are just caused by bad batteries. Hopefully Echo's issue is just a software problem, I know you tried a couple updates on him in the past. It might be worth trying out one of the skits from the forums here on him since if he works fine with a skit, that's means it's a software issue, but if he doesn't, then that indicates a hardware problem! Unfortunately RBs are really prone to breaking out of the blue with no rough handling at all.

It's awesome to hear that you're getting back into Furbies! I only started collecting them a couple years ago, but have now been running a mini "business" of buying broken/untested Furbies and fixing them up for resale for a little over a year! I probably have around forty Furbies in my house at the moment and have had well over a hundred pass through my doors. They are fun, though they certainly eat through the AA batteries quickly. I think I like the 1998 series ones best! And that's a cool system for running Furbies and making household chores a little more fun, I need to find a system to run my robots more than I do currently since I have so many at the moment.


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Re: From Furbies to Pleos and Back to Furbies Again
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2017, 01:29:49 AM »

Hi Echo,
I live in Spain but I will be on vacation Jul 13-26 in NE USA (CT and ME).  I have a fair bit of experience "returning to life" bricked Pleos as I volunteer using Pleos in a Nursing home.  I used to be part of an organization that used them in therapy with autistic children so I am sure that you will be able to find a good home for them.  Contact me if you would like my help while I am in the US. 
Best Regards
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