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Author Topic: Wanted: Badly Damaged Pleo RB  (Read 1718 times)


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Wanted: Badly Damaged Pleo RB
« on: December 29, 2016, 09:07:13 AM »

Posting this here since none of my recent marketplace listings seem to be going through, hope that's alright! A mod/admin can move this thread if they like!

I'm looking to buy a Pleo RB in very bad condition to practice repairs on as I want to improve my repair skills. Many Pleo RBs seem to be failing well before they're expected to and I want to learn how to be more handy with repairing this model. I've done a couple leg repairs before, but no neck/tail ones and pretty much need more experience with everything. Basically what I'm looking for is an RB with leg issues (clicking or frozen legs), neck/tail issues (broken vertebrae and/or cables) and preferably poor quality paint so that I don't have to worry about damaging a pretty Pleo while working on repairs and can possibly attempt a repaint after. I'm less confident about tail repairs than neck or leg ones, so I might be a little more hesitant about Pleos with severe tail issues, but I am okay with a challenge.

I do /not/ want bricked Pleos/Pleos that don't start up or have intermittent start up issues as I have taken these on as repair projects in the past without success and they've just been a drain on me financially and emotionally. I saw an RB in similar condition to what I'm looking for sell on eBay recently, but I decided not to risk it in the end because it was untested and could have been completely non-functional (plus I never got a shipping quote from the seller). If you have an RB you'd like to sell that fits what I'm looking for, please send over a PM! I'll let you know how much I'd be willing to pay depending on what overall shape it's in and whether it has any accessories or not (won't be paying huge amounts for Pleos like this, but I'll make fair offers).

Please PM me if you have something like this available! I know it's a long shot, just thought I'd ask.

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