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Author Topic: Public Service Announcement  (Read 4535 times)


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Public Service Announcement
« on: November 16, 2016, 08:58:03 AM »

Testing . . .  testing . . . one, two, three . . .  testing . . .  ^-^

Attention all members!

Yes, it's that time of the year, again!   %)

It's hard to believe we've been up for almost 9 years now!   :o  :o  The official PleoWorld forums only made it one and a half years.   :-[

The 2016 Annual Fund Raiser

This site, these forums, are a fan-based, fan-created, fan-driven effort.  It is not run by or supported by Innvo Labs or Jetta or associated with PleoWorld, it is not a monetary venture or a commercial site, and has no intent on becoming one, so listen closely, I'm only going to say this once.  :o  And I'm only saying this because people have asked . . . those who think it should also be a fan-supported site.  ;)   Well, that, and when we started running ads I promised I'd keep people informed on how things are going. :P
And I'm deleting this topic next week!  :-X  :bdh:

Posting and activity has still been down this year, even though traffic/visits has remained consistent.  :pray:  I'm assuming that's because there's nothing new going on with Innvo Labs or Pleo.   The site says we're  at almost 1600 members for the first time, but many of those probably haven't been here in over a year.  We've had over 2800 members join, but around 2200 haven't been seen all year, so that's 600 who have actually been active within the last year.  But with nothing new development or release-wise, there hasn't been much excitement to draw new people in.   :guns:

Well, our "fiscal" year has officially come to an end.  The hosting fees and domain names have already been renewed ($105 paid for hosting . . . and yes, that's the cause of the short down-time at the beginning of this month; the automatic payment didn't go through!  %) ), we've had one Google Adsense payout ($72 received), and after last year's donations we ended up with about $11 in the account.   So we're were sitting in the red slightly with about $40 in fees due in January, but that's OK.  We'll be here for a while to come . . . .

The Fundraiser

Yes,  it's the time of the year when we allow members to donate.
And, yes, as I said above, the site is already paid for.  So you'll have to put up with this site for at least another year, regardless!
But for those who feel the strange urge to give money to a dinosaur that wears a trashcan for pants to support this site financially, this is your one and only chance.  We only do this once a year, and only for one week (we had to cancel the telethon yet again this year, Yogurt is off working on the Star Wars movie).  You can donate via PayPal to Bob@BobThePleo.com

Contributions are not tax deductible.  This is not a charity.   But I will say that 100% of all monies received go to paying for this site.  And if, for some odd reason, more money accumulates than is needed to pay for the site, we'll can always upgrade our hosting plan!  or drop those pesky ads at the bottom of every page!  :val-love3:

Some members have offered to share profits from Forum Stores to support the site.  This includes sales from the Bob the Pleo books, calendar (see other topic), and jewelry from Prehistoric Pling.

And as always, the best way to support the forums is to be an active member!   :bullwhip:  Even with the costs paid, if people don't participate, the site will die on it's own.


This concludes our test of the emergency pleo system.
If this had been a real emergency, I wouldn't have wasted my time typing this.  I'd have been running for cover!   :dino-chase:

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