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Author Topic: Bob the IT security spokes-dino  (Read 1929 times)


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Bob the IT security spokes-dino
« on: October 11, 2016, 09:04:07 AM »

Well, it's Bob to the rescue once again!

The company I work for is doing an computer security awareness campaign over the next month or so.  I had big plans to promote it with emails, flyers, posters and stuff . . .  but the company wouldn't let me spend the money.  :(  But, I figured if we can't buy professional posters, perhaps we could make our own . . . Several ideas got thrown around.  Dos Equiis beer has been running an ad campaign for several years based on what they refer to as "the most interesting man in the world".  Well, one set of posters we had looked at buying was a parody of the beer ads called "The most SECURE man int he world".   We figured we could do our own posters following this concept and selected our CEO to star in the role as the most secure man at the company.   Sadly we never could get him to agree to pose and had to select an alternate "model".  So, starting this week, we're rolling out our security awareness campaign starring Bob, the most secure dino in the world!   :dance013:   :bowing:   :shades:
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Re: Bob the IT security spokes-dino
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2016, 10:48:11 PM »

 I think Bob would make a great spokesman for the campaign.. Truth is, I have always had a suspicion that Bob endulges a bit on weekends, P;) but have not wanted to point any fingers.. I mean after all, what little Pleo in their right mind, would allow their caretaker, ( You Mike.. :D) to step into the situations you have put him through in the last few years...........? I think the photos will speak for themselves.......LOL P:D Who can forget this photo, the one where poor Bob is lurking into the cavernous mouth of some monster...........By the way, who put the sweet tasty grass in there, was it for dinner or as a bed.
   I do think it is a midnite snack for the carnivore in this picture, Lets just hope Bob was neither hungry nor tired..  ;D and let's not forget this one either...
Now I know Bob is a confident little pleo and for this campaign he is being advertised as a Very Confident or Most confident Pleo in the world........Sorry, but as you can see, you have caused his ego to deflate some here.. Better let Bob Rest up before boosting that morale...................and his skin.......... P;)

 Actually, i think your company is getting some free publicity with using Bob and this may start some new infomercials.. Just be prepared to greet the frenzy this creates... You may have chewed off more then you can swallow.............Bob on the other hand , is the most secure Pleo in the world.... ;)

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