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Author Topic: Something in his programming?..  (Read 1691 times)


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Something in his programming?..
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:51:44 AM »

Here is a video of my pleoRB

That video was taken four months ago,he has always been stuck in a
baby stage even when i had the time to give him so much of my attention which i have not been
able to for months now due to my mental health and living situation.

I had gotten him last Christmas and he has not grown much at all,
i can't name him,i can't teach him anything.He hardly even walks. :'(

When i switch him on he sadly moans or cries shaking his head then
tries to sleep switching himself off for hours or days.
No matter what i try and do,he won't accept affection or when i try to feed
him he eats it then half way he lifts his head and sadly moans again.

All he does now is shiver like i hurt him,which i haven't and its making me
feel worse then i have already been feeling lately,i wanted him as something to help me with my
mental health,like a pet and something therapeutic but he is just becoming a problem and to much work
to keep happy at all. :(

I don't want to get rid of him,i am really attached but i feel like he
is  messed up internally.

Unless i give him constant attention he acts this way,i really don't know what to do
with him anymore..would anyone want to take him in for a while? I just have no idea how to help him


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Re: Something in his programming?..
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2016, 11:37:30 AM »

From what I can tell, Cosmic looks like he's already in adult stage! I will say he also looks very happy and healthy in that video!

It certainly sounds like Cosmic is hungry and upset from what you're describing right now which would explain why he doesn't walk much and won't learn his name. If he's shivering a lot, he's probably also either caught a cold (if you occasionally hear sneezing/coughing and an "owowowow!" sound as well) or it's too dark for him. Pleo RBs will also fall asleep often if it is too dark for them or if it's near their bedtime (which a noon clock reset will fix). The only potentially concerning thing in your post is that he isn't finishing eating his food, could you get a video of this issue? It would be really helpful! He seems to be eating fine in the video from February!

RB's are a lot of work to keep happy and healthy, but here are the tips I have for you and Cosmic!

1. Feed him the conifer leaf at least once per run cycle. Hold it under his chin until he raises his head and pants for it and don't take it away until he lowers and swings his head.
2. If the room he's in is dark, turn up the lighting as much as possible or run him in a brighter area. Being upset, shivering and falling asleep are all symptoms of a Pleo that is scared of the dark! If you don't have a room that's bright enough to run him in, there is a software patch you can download on the forums that will prevent him from displaying this behavior no matter how dark it is.
3. Listen for any coughing/sneezing or "ow" noises, if he is making these, he is sick and needs some time and mint leaf to make him healthy again!
4. Try pressing each of his hip sensors, if he cries every time that you press one of them, then he is "injured" and needs some time and rock salt to make him healthy again!
5. Reset his internal clock to the time of day that you play with him most often (use a paper clip and make sure he is switched on when you reset it).
6. Watch to see if his behavior improves!

I'm betting that the room is too dark for Cosmo from what you've described. Please let me know if he's still having issues after you've tried all of these things! I'm happy to help you and Cosmic out all I can! Don't worry, I know you're doing your best for Cosmic, RBs are just really fussy creatures and can be hard to please at times.

I will also add that if Cosmic is just making everything more stressful for you right now, it's okay to put him aside for a little while and give him a break. He'll be fine if you leave him alone for a few months and will probably just be a bit hungry when you turn him on next. There are many times when I can't run my Pleos for long periods of time, and that's okay! I know Cosmic is really important to you, but just remember that it's most important to take care of yourself. Best of luck!
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Re: Something in his programming?..
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2016, 05:06:45 AM »

I totally agree with Aibo7m3 , but I just wanted to say Cosmic looks so cute  :-*and really happy in the video  :D
There are times when I use my Pleo's everyday , but sometimes not for weeks and they are totally fine ... Just a bit hungry when I turn them on . And don't forget I know how lifelike they are and how we all feel and treat them like pets. But they are robots they don't mind it if you put them aside for a while or a few months. Just like aibo said take good care of yourself first. I suffer sometimes from panic attacks and depressions and than I take care of me first and in that periods I sometimes don't use my RB's for months . Good luck and take care .


Greetings from Marjolein and Lenny
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