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Author Topic: The Bob Project  (Read 24038 times)


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Re: The Bob Project
« Reply #75 on: March 12, 2010, 07:50:26 PM »

 HI grin06, thanks for the message  :)about the photos I should take of Nova, and Yes, taking at least two Photos of Giant Redwoods is in the planning, Just waiting for a sunny or semi sunny day here in the Redwoods so I can take Nova out. It has been raining, and Hailing today, and at 36 degrees, too cold for Nova and I . Real dinos might have walked through the Redwoods Forest floor in search of ferns and fauna to eat on while it was drizzling overhead, but Nova can't get wet, and for the Photos I have to take her Yellow Rainslicker off, ( Bob the Pleo rules, NO Clothes!) so we are waiting for a sunny day, hopefully this next week!     We have some other great photo ideas cooking too. You can't keep a good Pleo down for long, even if she has been limping lately! :D                 RedwoodsMama   and Nova ( stand-in for Bob the Pleo )
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Re: The Bob Project
« Reply #76 on: May 07, 2010, 05:53:05 PM »

Lots of photos for you Bob :)

Stitch aka Bob on the VLine Train from the Bairnsdale to MElbourne line.

This is Stitch standing in for Bob at the Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Stitch playing Bob at the Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Bob (ie Stitch) visits the Crown Casino complex and the Yarra River esplanade. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

And finally Stitch or Bob :P Visits the Melbourne Museum... hmm I wonder where that might be located :P

Sorry I couldn't get pics at the front of the zoo or the museum, the first we came via the tram entrance which is in dire need of an update really :P and the museum it was raining so we were too worried about poor Stitch getting wet :o
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