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Author Topic: Aibo ERS 7 Memory stick update Help.  (Read 4450 times)


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Aibo ERS 7 Memory stick update Help.
« on: January 24, 2015, 01:30:41 PM »


I want to know if it is possible to copy the content of an official Mind3 memory stick into a normal standard Sony memory stick.

I don't know if the standard memory need to be hacked first or if it has to be a Open-R memory.

I don't know if you will understand my question.

I want to copy the content of the original Mind 3 memory stick into my computer or a another memory stick for security because maybe the original one get erased by mistake.



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Re: Aibo ERS 7 Memory stick update Help.
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2015, 07:43:24 AM »

Hi, Coke! I think I understand what you want to do. You want to create a backup copy just in case something happens to your original. This process is very specific with lots of steps. Unfortunately I can't guide you through it. Before you do anything, you need to purchase a Sony-branded memory-stick reader. You can't copy your memory stick using the SD card reader in your computer because you will lose the Encryption key that tells your Aibo that it's running legitimate Sony software. There are a few members here who own Aibos who might be willing to walk you through this,. Your best bet is to become a member of an Aibo forum as well so others can more easily provide you with data if you should make a mistake. Getting a replacement stick is not cheap- in the neighborhood of three hundred US Dollars. Please be sure you understand everything before you try this. Good luck!
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