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Nova's Necessities

Nova's Necessities
By RedwoodsMama

Learning Stone packs and Food packs - $19.49 each

They are $19.49 each package and Flat rate padded priority mail envelope cost is $5.75 if one. If two learning stone or food packs are purchased, I need a slightly larger Priority Mail Padded envelope, which the cost is $7.05, Exact cost always and tracking, Anyone wanting to buy Internationally will have to pay exact shipping costs, There are the best prices for here in the United States, I ship within one business day if item is in stock and two if on the weekend or holiday.
There are two different learning stone packs: Sing, Count, and Come to me  or Eat, Dance, and Play.
There are two different food packs: Cycad leaf, Sugar cane, andChunk of Ice  or Coffee bean and leaf, Mushroom, and Chili pepper.

Pleo RB Rechargeable Li-Poly Battery Pack only - $54.95
This is the Pleo Rb li-polymer battery.  A few of these are in the pack sealed and the others came without packaging but all are new. (just the way they were received).

not for the classic Ugobe pleo.

US rate for the One Li-Polymer battery is $54.95 and flat rate shipping Priority Mail  which I believe is $7.05. perfect for the battery.  Small flat rate Priority box measures: 8 5/8 X 5 3/4 X 1 5/8 inches.  Exact charges only on postage, no handling fees. Tracking included in priority that is why I use it. These are USA rates, If anyone outside the USA wants these it will cost more postage, These prices are best for those in United States, faster and cheaper, no import duties.

You must still use your existing charger to charge these batteries and your original adapter that came with your Pleo.  Batteries are padded well in padded box and includes tracking on all orders. All orders ship out within 48 hrs unless weekend, holidays, or if there are unusual circumstances, then if delayed, I will refund part of the shipping cost.

If you have any questions, please PM me here at the forums, Be sure to let me know your Pleos favorite color for the free gift if possible.

Thank you for your support and I can guarantee your Pleo will have increased energy ! N.

  • Remember, all items are sold AS IS. There are no refunds unless item is grossly misrepresented.
  • Please read complete description, and look at all photos and if you have any questions, please ask before ordering.

Ordering and Shipping:
To order please send a personal message to RedwoodsMama
I accept Paypal only which is the same as always, my Paypal address is as follows;        pathwksm@sbcglobal.net 

If you have any questions, please ask.

          Thank you for looking.

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