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Welcome to Bob the Pleo!

  December 23rd, 2017    
And welcome to the wonderful world of Pleopia and the town of Weedovia! A delightful fantasy world where your pleo dreams come to life . . . for here live the cute robotic dinosaurs known as Pleos. Our story follows the many adventures of one such pleo, the pleo known simply as "Bob".

The Characters

Bob A pleasant and likeable pleo. A small guy in a big and wonderful world. Laid-back, but as an earlier prototype, doesn't quite see things the same way as everybody else. And running, perhaps, a not fully debugged operating system. But then again, who is?

Sally A bright and perky ray of sunshine. Not just another cute toy, but brains and rubust programming, and a penchant for the whimsical. Sally's goal in life is to bring a smile to everybody's face.

and the "Characters"

Grumpy A Pleo with a gruff and grouchy attitude who says it as he see's it. But he's not really bad. Just because he chooses to live in a garbage can and puts most pessimists to shame, doesn't mean he isn't a cute a cuddly Pleo . . .   but I wouldn't try putting my finger in his mouth!

Yogurt An old and venerable Pleo with wisdom beyond his programming. He is rumored to have spent ten years as the Dali Lama's pet, as well as training underfoot of Jedi Master Yoda himself. And through his wisdom he tries to bring balance to this farce.

James Pleo The name's Pleo. James Pleo. First Hatch serial number double-oh, double-oh, double-oh seven. Licensed to thrill. As dangerous as he is suave. This is one pleo on a mission: to safeguard the world for all Ugobe life forms from the villainous plans of Caleb Chung's evil twin brother, Dr. Mel.

Dr. Mel As the evil and demented mad scientist, Dr. Mel feels it's not just his job, but his duty to eradicate all pleos from the face of the earth. Just because Caleb Chung is his twin brother, doesn't make it sibling rivalry . . .

Teddi and Salli His Majesty King Teddy and Her Majesty Queen Sally, the beloved royal monarchs of Pleopia, getting out among the common people and living a quiet life in Weedovia, disguised as the town's tailor and seamstress.

Fred Owner of Pizza Pleo (Bob's favorite hangout) and Kringle's Toy Shoppe.

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