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Welcome To The


Hi there!  It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Bob The Pleo forums! 

Here we love to discuss all things Pleo!  Hardware, software, programming, emotions, drives, and experiences, you name it!  If you have a Pleo, we'd love to hear about your experiences with the green menace, if you have any problems with your Pleo there is most likely someone here who can help and if you don't have a Pleo I am sure that one of our members will try and persuade you that you really are missing out!  :D

We occasionaly issue newsletters about forum happenings and some members even organize meet-ups in their local areas.  We were very privileged to have a close relationship with Pleo's parent company in the USA, Innvo Labs.  You can count on us to be the first place to tell you about Pleo news!

   mweed and degers

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