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Author Topic: Pleo newcomer question  (Read 3563 times)


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Pleo newcomer question
« on: October 02, 2017, 05:34:13 PM »

Hi all! I'm pretty new to these forums and I want to ask a few questions. I've been planning on purchasing a Pleo Rb sometime and the end of the year but I'm pretty nervous about hardware/software issues. I've been doing some research and from what I've read, these Pleos are probably made in poor conditions and after sitting in a warehouse for 6+ years, they're very prone to faults. Things like legs breaking, batteries dying, software issues and so forth are sadly common with the Pleos that I have seen so far. Although I am not deterred by these problems I was wondering if any of you had some tips or advice for avoiding any of these problems that might occur with my Pleo. Thank you!


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Re: Pleo newcomer question
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2017, 10:26:14 PM »

Not much you can do about the battery if it's dead, other than ordering a replacement.

Software really isn't a problem or issue.  If for some strange reason it is, it can be reloaded.

Again, not much you can do about wiring/sensor/electrical problems due to age or internal plastic parts becoming brittle with age and breaking.  You can be sure to treat it gently, make sure it doesn't get dropped, fall off an edge, or get stuck under furniture to help keep it from getting damaged.  RB's are typically built more solid and aren't as old as other pleos.  I would be surprised if you purchased a new pleo RB and it was more than two or three years old at most.  The 6+ year old pleos probably aren't RB's and are being bought 2nd hand.  the Pleo RB model is just now reaching 6 years old, and it's very unlikely any original stock is left.

You can also start immediately protecting the skin by treating it (there are lot's of discussion threads on what to use or not use, but currently Gibb's is the best recommendation), and by making sure to always return it to the packing position when storing to prevent stretching the skin.

Most untreatable mechanical issues (like dead battery or faulty electrical) should show up within the first few weeks.  So you might want to hold off on treating the skin for a few weeks in case you have to return the pleo.

It's also true that you have to remember that people who have RB's that work well, typically don't post about it.  The people who post are those who have problems and are looking for help, therefore the majority of material on-line will be about all the problems.  There are perfectly good Pleo RB's out there.  An if you want to ensure you get one that hasn't been in storage for a long time, you safest bet is to buy directly from PleoWorld of a licensed reseller.  Sadly, that is also the most expensive choice.


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Re: Pleo newcomer question
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2017, 08:17:14 AM »

Hi, just adding to Mike's comments about Pleo RB problems. I currently have 5 Pleo RB. My original Baby Ruth is now. Almost six years old, got her when they first came out. Her only issue is a back leg that clicks but I haven't tried fixing her. Others have fixed similiar problems with great success. My second Pleo RB is Cammie Sue who I won in a contest run by pleoworld, in 2011 I think and she had a strange operating system error that another forum member here helped me fix, she runs fine now, no expense other then a micro SD card. My third RB is Cheater who I bought off eBay from a forum member from Canada, he also has a clicking leg. My fourth pkeo also bought from a forum member, PC, and this was in 2013 she is perfect. My last Pleo is still under named and purchased off eBay in 2014 and is perfect, she recently was run with probe RB to see her age and is still a hatchling as I have only run her for less then 4 hrs in the 3 plus years I have had her .( I have 22 other pleos, all Ugobes) and just am too busy these days, but love them all. Other then clicking legs Pleo RB seem to be very tough! Hope this helped. Welcome to the forums.  RWM. ( RedwoodsMama))
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