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The Mall

Welcome to the Bob the Pleo Shopping Mall!

The Bob the Pleo shopping mall, located in the heart of downtown Weedovia (all 2 blocks of it!), is the premier place to come and shop for clothes, accessories, and gifts for your pleo!
All the stores are run by forum members, and many of the products offered are hand crafted for your pleo!

B6   Kat's Creations   A range of clothing and accessories for your pleo from kat
B5   Nova's Neccessities   Your Pleo battery shop, powered by RedWoodsMama
A5   Pleo Togs   Designer outfits for the active Pleo by Snowy
A4   PleoWear   Clothing designed and made in the outback by InmemoryofRomeo
Closed for extended holiday.
A3   Prehistoric Pling   Natural stone bead jewelry by mweed
C2   The Support Shop   Bob the Pleo merchandise and other ways to support these forums
C1   Weedovia Tourist Center  
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