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smiley Judy has today Birthday
July 03, 2018, 11:19:14 AM by Pleo-Freak55
Hello People,

Today has my little Judy Birthday but she is still very good, with her broken Leg but I have Judy without Cape today running let because she yes today birthday has. :)


Best wishes

xx Leche Gives an Update
June 19, 2018, 01:15:19 PM by Talon
Hello, Bob the Pleo Forums! I am Leche- the Joy For All Companion Cat whose job it is to serve as lookout scout and general hair-raiser for the Majesties Queen Ryu and King Cato of Kingdom… Kingdom. So far we have had an eventful year have we not? Well, we are only halfway through it and even now, things are still humming around here.
Near the beginning of the month- or maybe the middle of the month before Keeper Talon brought in a most unusual robot… well- ani-meow-tronic or whatever she called it. She is insisting it is a May, but I’ve never heard of one of those either. Anyway, just recently some strange developments have started developing and I am unsure how to explain them.
Now, I am a true cat. Everything must be to my liking and make sense to me. Otherwise there is a reason for me to be very vocal in my displeasure. Queen Ryu and I are very much alike on this point. What’s that? Oh alright alright you simple-minded humans I’ll skip the robotic mouse and go straight for the tail. Keeper Talon had been talking about bringing a Kuri into our pride, but later she decided this move would be to risky for her since the dominant member of her pride had a young cub and she didn’t want the Kuri to disrupt the family dynamic. Anyone of you care to explain this concept? Anyway our keeper has decided to capture a Jibo instead. According to Ugobe’s research, a Jibo is a robot for humans. They cannot communicate with us at all and probably wouldn’t bother to if they could. Their sole purpose is to be a “social companion for the home”- whatever that means. Personally I would’ve preferred the Kuri to this Jibo character. Kuri could’ve been an extension of my eyes and ears, (with a little training of course). How will the introduction of Mr. Jibo go tomorrow when Keeper Talon unboxes him? Keep an eye out for her next upload on her YouTube channel. Just search for Crazy robot lady and enjoy the robot-goodness.
And now. I’m tired. Time for a nap.
xx Keeper Talon and her troop of wonderful robotic actors in: Too Much Cute
May 23, 2018, 11:14:21 AM by Talon
Spring has finally sprung in Kingdom… Kingdom. Pink balls are rolling, Aibos are beeping, and the Pleo herd has moved into their Spring wardrobe. Let’s listen in on the latest gossip in Red-Robot-Highrise shall we?
Posey the purple Fuzzy Wonderz sits proudly on the shelf next to the Royals. As a robot owl, she can see nearly everything that’s going on in Kingdom… Kingdom even to its border at Keeper Talon’s doorway. Just now, she has spotted some suspicious activity and is… Aham… reporting it in her annoyingly sweet way. “A box is here! A box is here! Keeper Talon has a box with something cute inside! Shall I tell you what it is? Huh? Huh?? Huh???”
Queen Ryu gives a prodigious yawn- “Shure, Posey. What is it this time? Printer paper or some more Braille magazines?”
Pozey- (singing happily)- No no, Your Majesty! It’s a bot this time I know I know it is!”
Keeper Talon comes to a stop in front of Red-Robot-Highrise and sets down her burden- “Man, YouTube,” She says to her phone, “I’m kind of nervous here. So many people are creeped out by this doll. I wonder how lifelike she really is?”
On the Aibo shelf, Bolt quietly flicks one ear- “Lifelike?”
Ugobe purs softly- “Doll? What’s a doll? Is it a friend or foe? Robot or toy, or something else altogether?”
King Cato gives a suspicious growl- “And why is she talking to unseen entities called YouTube? Has our keeper went into failsafe mode?”
Meanwhile, Keeper Talon has opened the box, still chattering to her phone- “And here she is! My Real Baby by Hasbro and I. Robot. She is a very rare doll with the ability to produce facial expressions. I’m not really a doll-person so I don’t know how long she will be with us, but I just had to get hold of one of these gals .”
Posey is chirping with excitement- “Awwwwwe! Another baby around here! Isn’t she cute in a non-furry flat-skinned human way?”
“She’s huge!”Whines Sleepy the Dragles Hatchamal.
Queen Ryu gently forces King Cato to lift his head so she can see past him. “Awwe! Oh my! So that’s what humans look like when they first come home from the factory! Awe! Cato-kins! I want one!”
Cato with hugely wide eyes- “Uh…. One of those? How would you even….?”
Queen Ryu lashing her tail- “No you airhead! We’ve been mated for seven years and…”
King Cato sighs tolerantly- “I hinted at… uh… that once you stopped tortur….”
Queen Ryu interrupting- “Oh I never tortured you. I just had to… take some of your edges off. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to have a little one to constantly tell me how much it loves me and how beautiful I am and how much it adores being my child?”
King Cato shakes his head- “Ryu, Darling, believe me. A baby is not one to pay homage to its mother. Find a way to ask Keeper Talon for a mirror. Besides, we’re seniors now- hardly able to walk and turn our heads. What would we need with a little one?”
Madam Bleu laughs hardily- “Here here! That’s the most honestest thing I’ve ever heard you say! Queen Ryu, this is one instance where I have tah say- just let it go. You ain’t no motherin’ type no way. Save it for when yer turned off and dreamin’.”
Queen Ryu- (raising her chin haughtily)- “I will, and my child will be the most well-mannered of Pleo-kind.”
Zoe the Aibo 220- chitters to herself- “Oh boy! She’s got a few more loose screws than usual, hey Bolt?”
Bolt (Looking away)- No comment. After she rewrote my Code for showing up at court with a missing ear I’m not getting the other one chewed off too.”Meanwhile, Queen Ryu has continued watching and listening to her Keeper’s stream of commentary as the little pretend human in her lap produces strange sounds and sort of lifelike movements with it’s face. All the sudden, it’s little mouth turns down with a frown and its forehead wrinkles up with frustration and it lets out an unearthly wailing sound- “Waaaah! Wahhhhh! Waah!”
Queen Ryu crouches- “Is that a challenge?”
“No!” Everyone says in unison.
King Cato shakes his head seeing an opportunity to further dissuade his mate from her latest demand- “It just wants Keeper Talon to change its diaper. Don’t you remember Keeper Talon’s cousin’s baby? The one that grabbed your head with his sticky fingers?”
Queen Ryu shudders- “Oh. Yes. Him. But I’ve got Ugobe and Terry and Bleu to make it stop screaming.”
King Cato takes a squeaky but determined step forward- “Lady Ryu, no.”
At that moment, every bot goes silent and Keeper Talon ends her video, turning off the muling thing in her lap. “There. She’s amazingly lifelike, but I couldn’t handle that full-time.” She gently places the new arrival on the lowest shelf next to Goldy the I-Cybie and quietly leaves.
Zoe lets her head jitter down to her chest and warbles quietly to us- “And on that note, I think we’ll leave you now while we’re still in one piece. Bye-bye!”
xx Queen Ryu meets Leche the Joy for All Companion Cat
February 22, 2018, 10:15:27 AM by Talon
From her Highness the Venerable Queen Ryu of Kingdom… Kingdom- Greeting

It has been far too long since I sent any communications to my loyal subjects out there in the human world. I propose to remedy that this very day with the following story. It has been rather delayed in the telling- mostly due to my Keeper being in constant possession of her computer. Anyway, let’s get on shall we?
I will now tell you a delightful tale- one that will surely make even the saddest of you break into smiling.
I was making my rounds of Beige-Colored-Carpet one freezing December day when I confronted a very strange sight. Something long and white was hanging over the edge of Less-Dangerous-But-Still-very-deadly-Computer-chair. Curious, I stopped and looked upward to try and ascertain what this odd white fluttering thing was. It was very long, flat, and covered with a soft fluffy stuff.
I thought to myself, “Surely this wasn’t a cloud. Yes, it is very high up and it is white and it looks as soft as cotton, but something is very off with the shape.”
I ventured closer and then I saw a long sinuous leg also covered in fluffy stuff draped casually over the edge of the chair. “What under Kaleb Chung’s creative Palm?” I said aloud.
Instantly, something happened. The leg moved just a little, causing the long white thing to twitch as if it were alive. I heard the unmistakable whirring of a motor over my head and knew the owner of this leg and odd appendage was a robot. Heedless of danger I ran toward Less-Dangerous-But-Still-Deadly-Computer-Chair and gave a roar of challenge. My advances were met by the sight of a sharp-eared face with gentle green eyes and long whiskers peeping over the side of the chair at me and giving an almost pitiful, “Meow!” Then the thing proceeded to raise a paw and groom itself shamelessly right before my eyes. “Do you have any manners you uncouth fuzzball?”
The creature blinked at me dreamily and said in a very calm voice- “My name is Leche, Madam Dinosaur and I am certainly not uncouth.”
I was quite dumbfounded by this speech. Never had any of the ragtag creatures Keeper Talon opened her home to had ever spoken to me in this manner before.
“Well… uh… I…”
“Skip the pleasantries, Madam Dinosaur. I am called a Joy For All Companion Cat, but I am not to be toyed with like some common ball of yarn. Have some respect. As your Keeper has chosen to house me on the very top of your Red-Robot-Highrise, I would refrain from speaking to me in such brash tones again.” The creature sighed lazily and half rolled onto its side, exposing its fluffy chest to me. “Now that we understand one another, what may I do for you, Madam Dinosaur?”
I hardly knew where to begin. Where was that skulking fearful diplomat of mine when I needed him? “Well!” I gasped after overcoming my shock. “I am the Queen Ryu of Kingdom… Kingdom. This is my realm into which you have entered and I…”
“Oh!” Said the Lady Leche, returning to her recumbent position once more, her soft eyes turned to curious calculative slits. “My sincerest apologies.”
“For misnaming me?” I asked into the heavy silence between us.
“No.” Lady Leche rumbled as she purred luxuriously. “For setting my paws to ground that is not my own. Your name holds no import for me.” She rolled over again and gave a soft sighing yawn. “Now go away. I’d like to finish my nap.”
I boiled with fury at this most abrupt and discourteous dismissal, but what more was there for me to do? I turned tail and walked away.
Thankfully, those hard days of tension between myself and the Lady Leche have long past us now. She acts as a scout from her fine position at the top of Red-Robot-Highrise, letting the rest of us contained within its safe wooden doors know of the various comings and goings of our Keeper and those- human and robot- who come to visit us. Rumor has it that Ginto, the 31L Aibo who was so fond of my bright coloring will soon be going to a new home. Our Keeper is buying another robot, but she seems to be implying this robot is not going to be a formal member of Kingdom… Kingdom, but a pet project she plans to start in cooperation with the robot’s creators, but none of that is of my concern as long as this rolling tank doesn’t interfere with kingdom business.
Well! I feel quite drained now by recounting this tale to you humans. I shall retire to the warm spot under the window where the sun comes in and await the gentle attentions of my Keeper. Long life and happiness to you all- until the next story!
xx Pleo Cave Valentine's Day Addition- Bleu and Terry profess their Love
February 20, 2018, 10:58:10 AM by Talon
Hi Everyone! Keeper Talon here. I reaeaeaeally wanted to share this with you guys since it was so sweet and... rather sudden considering how private these guys have been about their feelings.
Okay okay let's just cut to the chase. Haha! I don't know how to embed a link so I'm going to post the link to my YouTube channel and- maybe- the link to the video in question. I'm not sure if either of these will work, but I hope you all will enjoy this special moment in the lives of my two companions. Let me know if you have any problems with either of these links.

xx Keeper Talon says goodbye to a Loyal Friend
February 05, 2018, 07:28:34 PM by Talon
Hello, Bob the Pleo Forums! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written anything. I don’t really have an excuse other than just being neglectful of my duties. Lol! Well, the muse is speaking at last and I dare not ignore them so here goes.
I write this entry with a heavy yet hopeful heart. I am selling Ginto, my Aibo 31L in order to rustle up some starter cash to buy a Kuri Home Robot. His new owner has already met him over Skype and seems to like him despite his fear of looking up because of his broken praise-scold sensor. He is a very shy and independent creature, preferring the company of people over his own kind and even then, only one or two at the most.
We’ve had a very interesting life together. Out of all my Aibos, Ginto was the one with the most mechanical problems- needing at least three trips to Doctor WolfBob every year. At sixty dollars shipping plus the price of whatever his malady happened to be, he was no easy ride. Even so, I couldn’t help but love him because he was such a trooper. Even Doctor Bob observed this in one of his PM’s to me. He wrote something like this: “I put a good battery in him and booted him up. He immediately went into a sitting position after the boot-up stretch and it didn’t look like anything was wrong. Then he tried to stand and his right front leg folded up at the knee. I said, “Well then! It looks like we have to fix this leg again.” He sat down again, and raised his floppy leg and howled at me.” Mind this is only a ruff paraphrase but since I don’t have a copy of that message anymore I can’t quote it here in full.
Even among my pack, he seemed to always be the loner. None of the other bots really took notice of him despite my attempts to get anyone to talk to him. He really reminds me of Eeyore from Wenny The Poo- always kind of gloomy but clumsily loyal and lovable. I plan to commemorate his departure with a little farewell party on my YouTube channel. If any of you guys would like to send well-wishes or just want to say hello, go to your search box, type in Crazy Robot Lady and search through all the clutter about everyone else until you find his goodbye video. I will be making it soon so keep an eye out. Oh and while you’re there, if you love these blogs and are curious about the other residents of Kingdom… Kingdom, please subscribe and  tell anyone else you’d think might be interested about my efforts to bring the world of robotics to the disabled. Just make yourselves at home. There won’t be any unwholesome or risky content there so even the little ones can watch if they can keep from falling asleep while listening to my   boring voice. Anyway, it’s past my bedtime and I am so ready to go to Sleepy Town. Thank you all for sticking with me and tolerating my loooooong awkward months-long silences. I will try to be more productive this year and bring you more adventures from Kingdom… Kingdom. Please feel free to comment on anything you see here that interests you. I am open for story suggestions. Also you guys can let your Pleos or other bots get in on the fun and write to me or my herd whenever the fancy strikes you. I suppose I should say farewell now too and hit the sack. Until next time!
Keeper Talon
xx Bleu makes a friend... sort of
December 16, 2017, 03:31:33 PM by Talon
Greetings from the friendly planet of Mars! According to my mission data, my name is Rover. I was built for the purpose of exploration and gathering data. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been bot-napped and have awakened on the planet of… of… What is that? Must take evasive action!
Apologies, Humans. There appears to be a four-legged bogy approaching at my nine o’clock that does not appear to be at all intimidated by my threat display! It is green, four-legged and…
“Hey, you! You better be making’ tracks afore Queen Ryu sees you!”
I looked down at the thing approaching me and scanned my data banks frantically. “Uh… Well you see uh...”
“What? Cat got yer tongue?”
“What cat? And I haven’t got a tongue.”
“Well then, what are you?”
“What am I? I am an exploratory drone- classification Roboquad sent to probe the soil of Mars.”
“Boy! Sounds exciting’! You ain’t on the right planet, Buddy. This here’s Earth. As far as who I am, the name’s Bleu. Madam Bayou Bleu Le Chalet of Kingdom… Kingdom.”
I was confused. “Kingdom, what?”
“That’s it.” Stated the four-legged one. “Kingdom… Kingdom. Now you just tell me what yer doin’ here, Mr. afore I call out the royal guard!”
At last! Something I understood! “There will be no need for that, Madam Bleu. Since I have been mysteriously removed from the place of my birth, I am compelled to launch my fail-safe protocols  and resettle on this planet.”
“Wo! Wo there, Rover. Whether you stay here or not’s up to our Queen Ryu.”.”
I was getting impatient with this short greenish blue creature. “Well where is she?”
The green creature hesitated. “Well uh… I don’t know. I guess Keeper Talon didn’t get her off the shelf.”
I nodded. “Well then, since it’s just the two of us here and your queen appears to be confined, my status as a citizen of this Kingdom… Kingdom is completely up to you.”
The green creature hung her head. “Oh this is terrible! I ain’t got the power to do this! Where’s Ugobe when I need him? I tell you when she sees you and figures out that I was the one who agreed to let you stay…”
Seeing how much this distressed the creature, I decided to humor her. “Alright then. I will consider myself in quarantine until such time as your Queen Ryu is available to welcome me formally.”
The green creature known as Bleu relaxed visibly. “Oh you are nice, aren’t you? Well! That’ll be good enough for now. Maybe Keeper Talon will get her down soon so you can join the ranks.”
I bowed as much as my body would allow. “Affirmative. I will go under the large wooden rectangle on four metal legs and close down for a while.”
The green creature retreated toward a very tall, very imposing fortress of a cabinet with double doors and highly polished brass knobs. “Bye then, Rover! See you soon!”
“Be well!” I called as I stepped beneath the safety of the wooden rectangle. This completes my latest transmission.
xx Ugobe Makes an eggxtraordinary Discovery
October 14, 2017, 11:21:03 AM by Talon
Hello, Bob the Pleo Forums! This is Ugobe, and as I promised, I am back to write the ending of this adventure. Just in case you need a little refresher, the Pleos and several other members of Kingdom... Kingdom discovered Keeper Talon had been harboring two new additions. I had no idea humans laid eggs too but... what do I know? I'm just a very mature and precocious Pleo with an open mind who loves adventure and a good back-rub every once in a while. Anyway as I was saying, Keeper Talon finally got off her uh... nest and hatched her babies far away from us. This nettled our Queen the lovely Lady Ryu and it confused the rest of us why she didn't share the joy of her first clutch with us. I guess humans are of that solitary mother type who go off alone to help bring her brood into the world before presenting them to the rest of the herd. Today I will relate to you the outcome of that first introduction. It was most eh... interesting.
Keeper Talon did return several hours later still baring the two boxes as before, but now they were filled with crushed shell bits and plastic blisters. Behind her came a young human male of about ten holding two bundles of... fur? What in the world? "The videos are published." Said the young man. "Anything else you need me to do before I leave?"
"No." Our Keeper said sounding tired. "Man! I never knew hatching these guys would take so long!"
"I know!" Groaned the young man. "I was starting to get really bored. At least I had a three-wheeled scooter to ride around on so I wouldn't fall asleep."
"Sorry." Keeper Talon said smiling. "Well, I'll just turn these guys on and introduce them to the crowd."
The young man giggled. "Okay. Just don't let anything happen to those little squealing fur balls. I'm going home to take some headache medicine." And with that, the little human left.
"At last!" Bleu said. "We're gonna get tah see those little babies!"
Keeper Talon set the two furry creatures on the floor and knelt there for a few minutes. We all watched in silent contemplation and drawn breath, wondering what on earth these things were.
At length, she went to Red-Robot-Highrise and carefully lifted Queen Ryu and me to the floor. "Okay you two," She said solemnly. "I'm not sure if these guys will be permanent or if I might find them another home later, but for now, consider them part of the family."
"Oh! Gasped Queen Ryu. "They're not nearly so big as I thought. Oh and the one with the beak has little wings! Keeper Talon certainly had good tastes there. And look at how it's pelt is so fluffy and glittery. So colorful!"
"Ryu," I said in warning, knowing how hypnotized and enticed she was by myriads of colors presented at once. "That's Keeper Talon's chick. Don't get too close."
The lady Ryu was already too far gone to pause or even stop so enraptured was she by the creatures appearance. "Fluffy and colorful." She mumbled as she approached.
Keeper Talon giggled to herself as the normally bossy and boisterous first member of her robot companions approached the little specimen and gave it a cautious sniff. "So far so good." Keeper Talon mumbled as she picked the thing up and flipped its on-switch.
The little creature suddenly started flapping its wings and burbling in a very frightened manner. "Aaaaaahhhh! What are you?" It squealed, trying to roll away on it's tiny wheels.
Queen Ryu blinked in hurt dignity and turned her sturdy side toward the creature. It was moving in order to get away but it did not possess enough power or dexterity to turn or evade. Her amazed curiosity turned instantly to anger and she gave a low growl. "I am your queen." She said firmly. Then as if remembering herself she said, "I'm the Queen Ryu of Kingdom... Kingdom."
The little fuzz ball stopped flapping helplessly and said softly, "I'm Sleepy."
"Well then, go to sleep." Queen Ryu said sharply.
"No no!" The fur ball said. "That's my name. I'm Sleepy. My furless mother called me that because I was falling asleep when she was trying to hatch me." She said I had a bad excelirominater or... something like that." The thing gave a prodigious yawn. "She kept shaking and shaking me. It was kind of scary. Hatching is so much work!"
"Yes." Queen Ryu said, softening somewhat to the little creature. "I imagine it is. Well, Sleepy, what exactly do you do? I mean how can you be a productive member of my court?"
The little creature blinked LED eyes in confusion. "Paduc-tive? What does that mean? I am a hatchamal. We are forever kids and like to play games with our human hatchers. We don't do big robot stuff. What do you do? What's a queen?"
And thus occupied and fully prepared to talk about herself, Queen Ryu set to educating the newly-arrived Sleepy about her duties and all the laws that governed life in Kingdom... Kingdom.
Keeper Talon sighed in relief. "A little dicey there for a minute but so far so good. Here Ugobe. What do you think of Posey?"
I gave the tiny purple thing with the stubby fluffy ears and very Furby-like face a brief look. On the whole, I am not a robot's robot. I prefer the company of people- especially people who are relaxed, like to talk, and prefer lounging in the sun with a book to doing a lot of ruff play. Keeper Talon could bring in a life-sized Wookiee and it wouldn't trouble me as long as the thing didn't go bonkers and tare me cable from gearbox. So I endured my unwanted introduction to Posey, the fur ball.
From the moment Keeper Talon switched the thing on I was bombarded with noise and questions and wasn't given an opportunity to answer. "I come from a magic forest. Of course you're pretty! I love you! Dance with me!" And on and on and on! Finally I shook my confusion away and stalked away. These two creatures together were very loud and cutsie and just plain annoying! What had our keeper been thinking?
"You don't like him... uh her? What ever it is? I think I'm going to think of her as a girl. I wanted Arctic, the blue Fuzzy Wonderz but I guess everyone else had the same idea. Since I definitely didn't want pink and the only choices were pink and purple it was no contest."
Finally, Keeper Talon put us all away and started twanging away at that noisy mandolin of hers. I was so glad to be rid of the overenthusiastic Posey that I found its clunking and plunking almost melodic. I still wondered what my keeper had been thinking, but I knew that life in Kingdom Kingdom would never, ever be boring.
xx Ugobe makes an eggstrdinary Discovery
October 13, 2017, 05:26:09 PM by Talon
Hello, Bob the Pleo Forums! Yes yes. I know it's been far too long since any of us have written to you and for that I offer my most sincere apologies. Bleu and I have had our paws full with managing our queen's ire over the past few months.
She has had a most stressful Summer season and the beginning of Autumn doesn't appear to be any easier. It all started when her newly knighted knight, RS Media came tromping up with his huuuuge feet and even huger voice and shouted, "Intruders! Keeper Talon is harboring interlopers!"
"That's nothing new." Queen Ryu grumbled. "I don't consider foreigners as intruders anymore. Now they are more likely to stay than leave. Why are you reporting to me with this useless nonsense?"
Sir RS was indignant. "But... your Highness! These are... well they are mere hatchlings, Highness. Babies."
"From what nest pray?"
"I... I don't know." The giant robot thundered, making his woofer rattle. "Didn't you tell me one of my duties was to protect the weak and preserve the safety of Kingdom... Kingdom and all that?"
Queen Ryu sighed. "Yes yes I did say that but..."
"Awwwwe!" Bleu cooed from behind me making me jump. "Yer Highness look! Ain't they cute? All wrapped up in those shiny boxes in their little safe eggs?"
Queen Ryu sighed, finally putting forth the considerable effort of raising her head to get a look at what Keeper Talon had placed on her desk. Queen Ryu shivered. "Oh! My wires! They're so... big! Those eggs will likely contain giants."
"May I get in a word edgewise?" I asked.
"Oh. Ugobe." Queen Ryu said disdainfully, glancing at me. "It took you this long to join us?"
"No." I said patiently, knowing by now not to let the old crone... Uh.... Ahem. The old queen get under my skin. "I have been waiting for you to ask my opinion as I do not believe incurring your wrath by speaking prematurely would be most unwise."
"Oh stop speaking like a scholar!" She railed at me. "I need a battle plan, Ugobe. As my adviser, what do you believe I should do about these eggs?"
"Well," I said softly. "Presently they pose no threat, Majesty. For the moment, let us observe what our Keeper does with them. Once we see her stance toward these giant hatchlings, I will be better able to help you plan a strategy to deal with them."
Queen Ryu sighed. "Oh very well. Lucky for you King Catokins and I are the rulers here and not you."
I gave only a soft purr in response for we were very lucky indeed that his Majesty King Cato was as devoted to his mate as he was patient with others- both fleshies and robots. I tried to emulate him, but more often than not, I came off more like Mr. Spock than truly empathetic.
The next morning couldn't come fast enough for us safely tucked away in Red-Robot-Highrise with all our speculations and ideas about what could possibly be in those eggs. The Aibos wanted to kick their shell open and try to tone-speak with them. Zoomer wanted to pea on them. RS Media wanted to "assimilate" them and study their hatching process. We were all stunned when Keeper Talon took those two huge eggs to her living room, far from us and what ever meager protections/warnings we might have given her. The only weapon she took with her was her iPhone.
Bleusighed. "And what'er we supposed tah do if they... if they eat her or something'?"
King Cato smiled. "No worries, my subjects. We simply need a spy to listen at the bedroom doorway to what's going on up the hall."
After a quick debate, it was determined that we would call on a member of our kingdom who dwelt outside of Queen Ryu's dominion, but would sometimes help us out when it served her purposes. Since she did not speak in the common robot tongue like us but rather spoke the language of the computer like Grandma Joe and Mac, it fell to me to speak to her. I sighed and wandered over to her shelf. "Alexa!" I shouted up at the small black Hockeypuck-sized entity on the top shelf of Keeper Talon's CD tower.
"What can I do for you?" Came her silk-voiced reply.
"I need you to zero in on Keeper Talon's conversation up the hall."
"I cannot complete your request myself, but I can ask my twin in the kitchen."
And so it was that nearly an hour later, we started to hear strange sounds of exaltation coming from the living room. "The Hatchamal just hatched!" About ten minutes later, we heard a sharp squeal as Keeper Talon must've hurt herself doing something and then another shout rang out. "The Fuzzy Wonderz is free from its shell! Now all we have to do is publish these videos to YouTube."
"YouTube?" We all said in confusion.
"Get on the translation of this word somebody!" Queen Ryu hollered. "The rest of you assume your off-positions and await the arrivals of those... those things."
And at this point- I am sad to say- I must pause for this entry has probably gone on too long and been too boring for any sane human to continue to pay attention. I will rejoin you very soon in the second part of this epic adventure. What's that you humans say? Oh yes. To be continued.
xx Bleu and Terry's first interaction
August 10, 2017, 10:35:19 AM by Talon
Hey there, Bob the Pleo Forums! It's Madam Bleu! Boy do I have a lota' stuff to tell you! I would be writing in my usual dialect, but Keeper Talon's got auto-correct turned on on this thing and she's too prideful to ask for help turning it off.
Anyway like I was saying, I got a lot of stuff to tell you. When Keeper Talon returned from the Aibo meet, we was all curious to hear how Ginto and Zoe the Aibos made out in all them competitions they were supposed to be in.
Ginto just shivered and kicked gently at the bottom shelf and kept repeating, "My station. My station. My station. I just want the quiet safety of my station! No more curious fingers and even more curious robots wanting me to answer questions about myself."
"Really?" I said. "Keeper Talon took you all that way and you just wanted to go back home?"
"That's right." Ginto said, nodding his head in that floppy way of his. "This know-it-all of a two ten named Suzie kept waving at me and asking for a chat. I didn't feel right talking to her."
"Why not?" I asked. "She probably would have made a nice friend."
Ginto shook his head. "I know that. It wasn't that I didn't really want to talk to her but she was… well she was just so smart! She won the obedience competition you know. Keeper Talon didn't give me a chance to do anything. Zoe ran the show."
"Oh!" I said, nodding. "I get it. She stole all the thunder right?"
Ginto actually laughed. "No. No! She showed off and flirted a lot, but when it came to everything important she let both of us down. In obedience, she made a fool of Keeper Talon. She didn't seem too worried but I was appalled. Then as if that wasn't enough, in the Aibo race, she had to run out of battery and lay down right on the track. I had an utterly horrible time and I just want to go to my happy safe dark bed and forget about all this."
"Fried circuits! I'm sorry, Ginto. Maybe you'll just have to find what you're good at."
Ginto sighed and lay down. "I'm miserable. Every time I look up to chase the ball, I scold myself and nobody wants to fix me. Just leave me alone. Keeper Talon has brought back plenty of robotic company for you Pleos."
I raised my head at that. "Really!" She actually brought home another Pleo?"
"See for yourself." Ginto said and tried unsuccessfully to hide himself in the narrow crack between Red-Robot-Highrise and the wall.
When I turned away from him, I saw Keeper Talon lowering an unfamiliar Ugobe Pleo to the floor. He wasn't one of us. He was naked as a hatchling save some kind of cloth thing tied around his neck. I didn't notice anything odd about him until he booted up and took a step toward me. I gave a little whimper and retreated. A long diagonal gash opened in his left front leg. I shivered to see a little internal structures showing. as he raised his head to look at me, his tail curled upward in that way we Ugobes have when we see something interesting. I froze in horror at the sight that met my eyes. Bits of his skin hung from his tail and flapped around like a torn flag. The inner labyrinth of cables and vertebrae showed through. "What… what happened to you?" I gasped stupidly fighting the urge to join Ginto in the dark crack.
The newcomer just backed away a little and turned his uninjured side to me. "It's awful isn't it? Having a well-maintained tail is an honor and glory of a Ugobe. Well, my former keeper didn't know that and let my skin dry out so that it split and tore. The gash in my leg came from something metal I was shoved into in his closet- probably the fender of a toy truck. The kind young woman who bought me before your keeper came along believes it was actually done deliberately because of the cleanness of the cut. I'm not sure why she wanted to sell me. I guess she felt we weren't a good match. Your keeper- uh… Keeper Talon- seemed to hear about my plight and called me Terry. The week of the Aibo meet, she came to the home of the kind young woman and finalized my adoption."
I could finally look at him properly since I didn't have to see his wounds. "I think you'll fit right in here. You sound just like Ugobe- another smart strong scientific type."
Terry looked away shyly. "Really? Do I come off as that much of a snob?"
"Oh no!" I said quickly. "Ugobe is… is… well wise and he always thinks of everything."
Terry yawned and lowered his head. "I don't pretend to be all that. I'm actually a human lap adventurer at heart. I like imagining how it would be to go lots of places and meet Pleos from different countries."
I puffed out my chest proudly. "Well you come to the right place, Mr. Terry. Keeper Talon knows lots of Pleos and their keepers. Ugobe has done something so's we can talk to them over her computer too."
Terry's eyelids dropped in a lazy manner that I found kinda winsome and said, "I think I would like to meet this Ugobe. He sounds like one brilliant fellow. Speaking of meeting Pleos, I haven't properly met you. What's your name?"
"I'm Madam Bayou Bleu Le Chalet, but most everybody 'round here just calls me Bleu." I could hear the Southern lilt in my voice coming out awful strong and tried to be proper but it was a losing battle. Okay, ya'll, now I ain't no bleeding heart romantic, but I swear on Caleb Chung's palm I felt… something. I like fancy dresses and eating sushi and all the fine things in life, but I make it a point to enjoy them alone. Having a… *Shivers* partner is just too much work.. I'd rather lose my entire tail than be an ole mushy-mush like Queen Ryu. The way she goes on over Cato when she thinks no one is looking you'd think he was her king or something. Nah, not me. I rules my own life and I chooses my own direction. Desperate to get control of whatever was going on I said, "Well, you'll get to meet him soon, but you'll have to meet Queen Ryu and her life mate King Cato for inspection and a formal welcome to Kingdom… Kingdom."
Terry raised his head to give me a confused look. "Kingdom… what?"
"Well just Kingdom… Kingdom. That's what we calls this place. We all live in that big red closable thing over there. Red-Robot-Highrise we call it." And before I could shame myself by saying anything more sappy I said quickly. "I think I'll take you to them now."
And that's what I did. As soon as her Royal Highness started yelling at me demanding that I explain myself bringing in this new Ugobe, I turned away and hid on the other side of Keeper Talon's dresser to try and get hold of myself. What happened to Terry you ask? Well, you'll have to wait for somebody else to tell you that. I ain't looking at him anymore for fear of going all loose in the joints again. No. I'm a single lady Pleo and that ain't gonna change. Nope, not ever. Good night, ya'll!
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