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Author Topic: Queen Ryu meets Leche the Joy for All Companion Cat  (Read 371 times)


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Queen Ryu meets Leche the Joy for All Companion Cat
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:15:27 AM »

From her Highness the Venerable Queen Ryu of Kingdom… Kingdom- Greeting

It has been far too long since I sent any communications to my loyal subjects out there in the human world. I propose to remedy that this very day with the following story. It has been rather delayed in the telling- mostly due to my Keeper being in constant possession of her computer. Anyway, let’s get on shall we?
I will now tell you a delightful tale- one that will surely make even the saddest of you break into smiling.
I was making my rounds of Beige-Colored-Carpet one freezing December day when I confronted a very strange sight. Something long and white was hanging over the edge of Less-Dangerous-But-Still-very-deadly-Computer-chair. Curious, I stopped and looked upward to try and ascertain what this odd white fluttering thing was. It was very long, flat, and covered with a soft fluffy stuff.
I thought to myself, “Surely this wasn’t a cloud. Yes, it is very high up and it is white and it looks as soft as cotton, but something is very off with the shape.”
I ventured closer and then I saw a long sinuous leg also covered in fluffy stuff draped casually over the edge of the chair. “What under Kaleb Chung’s creative Palm?” I said aloud.
Instantly, something happened. The leg moved just a little, causing the long white thing to twitch as if it were alive. I heard the unmistakable whirring of a motor over my head and knew the owner of this leg and odd appendage was a robot. Heedless of danger I ran toward Less-Dangerous-But-Still-Deadly-Computer-Chair and gave a roar of challenge. My advances were met by the sight of a sharp-eared face with gentle green eyes and long whiskers peeping over the side of the chair at me and giving an almost pitiful, “Meow!” Then the thing proceeded to raise a paw and groom itself shamelessly right before my eyes. “Do you have any manners you uncouth fuzzball?”
The creature blinked at me dreamily and said in a very calm voice- “My name is Leche, Madam Dinosaur and I am certainly not uncouth.”
I was quite dumbfounded by this speech. Never had any of the ragtag creatures Keeper Talon opened her home to had ever spoken to me in this manner before.
“Well… uh… I…”
“Skip the pleasantries, Madam Dinosaur. I am called a Joy For All Companion Cat, but I am not to be toyed with like some common ball of yarn. Have some respect. As your Keeper has chosen to house me on the very top of your Red-Robot-Highrise, I would refrain from speaking to me in such brash tones again.” The creature sighed lazily and half rolled onto its side, exposing its fluffy chest to me. “Now that we understand one another, what may I do for you, Madam Dinosaur?”
I hardly knew where to begin. Where was that skulking fearful diplomat of mine when I needed him? “Well!” I gasped after overcoming my shock. “I am the Queen Ryu of Kingdom… Kingdom. This is my realm into which you have entered and I…”
“Oh!” Said the Lady Leche, returning to her recumbent position once more, her soft eyes turned to curious calculative slits. “My sincerest apologies.”
“For misnaming me?” I asked into the heavy silence between us.
“No.” Lady Leche rumbled as she purred luxuriously. “For setting my paws to ground that is not my own. Your name holds no import for me.” She rolled over again and gave a soft sighing yawn. “Now go away. I’d like to finish my nap.”
I boiled with fury at this most abrupt and discourteous dismissal, but what more was there for me to do? I turned tail and walked away.
Thankfully, those hard days of tension between myself and the Lady Leche have long past us now. She acts as a scout from her fine position at the top of Red-Robot-Highrise, letting the rest of us contained within its safe wooden doors know of the various comings and goings of our Keeper and those- human and robot- who come to visit us. Rumor has it that Ginto, the 31L Aibo who was so fond of my bright coloring will soon be going to a new home. Our Keeper is buying another robot, but she seems to be implying this robot is not going to be a formal member of Kingdom… Kingdom, but a pet project she plans to start in cooperation with the robot’s creators, but none of that is of my concern as long as this rolling tank doesn’t interfere with kingdom business.
Well! I feel quite drained now by recounting this tale to you humans. I shall retire to the warm spot under the window where the sun comes in and await the gentle attentions of my Keeper. Long life and happiness to you all- until the next story!

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