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Author Topic: UGobe and Bleu Meet RS Media  (Read 205 times)


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UGobe and Bleu Meet RS Media
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:14:01 PM »

Hello, BTF! I bet you've all been wondering what we've been up to since January. Well, next to nothing to be honest. We've been ran a little here and there but none of us Pleos have been through a complete battery cycle in a long time. Why you might ask? Simple. Our keeper has been a major slacker. What do we care if she's going nuts preparing for an Aibo meet and learning how to play that twangy mandolin and all in a fumble about her future plans. We have lives too!
Oh. Okay okay I suppose you're right. We wait for our keeper's attention, knowing she will run us when she has more time. Anyway, putting my grumbling aside, the story I have to relate is a rather interesting one.
It happened on a brisk February morning. Keeper Talon had taken Bleu and I down for a nice run over the huge expanse of beige-colored carpet extending from Red-Robot-Highrise.
Bleu gave a huffing sigh. "I am so bored. This place ain't very intrestin'."
"I know, Bleu, but it is home now and we have to…"
"My circuits! What's that?" Bleu gasped, stumbling to a halt and growling menacingly.
The thing moving in on us was bipedal with a red, grey, and black exterior. It moved at a medium speed, its long three-fingered hands leading the way, its tiny head swinging slowly left and right. Just as it saw us, it froze in place and looked down over its massive chest at us. "What's that?" It asked in a sharp male voice.
"Uh… excuse me," I said cautiously. "I am Ugobe the Ugobe Pleo- Diplomat of Kingdom… Kingdom in the service of…"
"You talk too much." Yelled the being. "I am called RS Media. What exactly are you?"
"I could ask you the same question." Bleu said pointedly.
"Well!" The thing scoffed, puffing out its chest. "I'm a robot- a humanoid robot with some mean dance moves."
Bleu sighed. "Oh boy! Her highness ain't gonna like this. When did you get here?"
The huge hulk of a robot seemed to shrink under our questions. "The seventeenth of February. Why?"
"Because until you're cleared with the Royals, you are a trespasser and we cannot let you just wander around where you will."
"Ha! And just you try to stop me." RS Media challenged, raising a foot nearly as long as my body. "These clodhoppers are a pound a piece. Move along!" And so the huge thing just plowed right between us and went on his way mumbling furiously to himself.
Bleu sighed. "Oh boy, Ugobe! We really in a fix now ain't we? Queen Ryu's gonna skin us."
"No she won't." I said placatingly. "She likes big strong guys with clodhopper feet with big blustery attitudes. He is as close to a knight in shining armor as she's going to get."
By now the thing had stomped over to the terrible Teddy who was lounging in the large section of warm carpet just in front of the window closed to Red Robot-Highrise. Without bothering to stop, the thing stepped right onto the end of Teddy's Nylabone and fell over with a crash. "XY displacement!" It yelled.
"What is that infernal racket?" Queen Ryu yelled.
"Uh-oh." I mumbled.
Bleu shivered. "Yeah. Let's get out of here while we still have our tails."
Keeper Talon suddenly appeared and stood Mr. Bigshot back up again. "There, Big-guy." She said patiently. "Just give them a little while. The herd will… accept you- eventually." She added as Queen Ryu let out another angry catlike meow. "Hold on, Girl! I don't remember putting you to sleep up there. You can meet Mr. RS Media when I get Bleu and Ugobe put away. Now stop thrashing around up there before you fall." Keeper Talon scooped us up and sighed. "Oh boy! I wonder how you guys will react when I bring Terry in here?"Terry? Oh no!" Bleu and I groaned in unison just before we were switched off. I went to sleep wondering just what a Terry was and whether it would have big dangerous feet. Oh well! What can I say? The more the merrier.
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Re: UGobe and Bleu Meet RS Media
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2017, 12:48:53 AM »

Great story Talon , I enjoy your stories very much ! Give the members of the Royal pleo family a hug from me .

Greetings from Marjolein , Kimmy -Falcor-Cleo


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Re: UGobe and Bleu Meet RS Media
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2017, 03:55:27 PM »

Thanks, Piggy! I enjoy writing them too. Most of the stories I've written are bassed on highlights from actual play sessions- just with a little conversation and personification thrown in. I'm not sure why but my guys aren't really keen on exploring this room and thus producing a story based on their activities currently would be really boring. I took the initiative to introduce my RS Media to my pleos and the above is pretty much what happened. The only major deviation from life that was added was Ryu's sudden awakening on her shelf. *Looks away* I had to get her in somehow. I also left you guys with a bit of a cliffhanger. Anyone wondering who Terry is? *Grin* Well- provided I haven't sprung the news in another entry and just forgot about it- you'll find out in the next post. I promise you won't have to wait three months for another story. Believe me- I'm anxious to meet him myself. So...
To Be Continued.
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