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Title: Tomato Harvest Contest Rules
Post by: mweed on September 06, 2009, 09:05:37 PM
Contest details:

Contest dates:
The contest will run from today until Midnight (CST) the Saturday of the Festival.  All entries must be posted before Midnight Central Daylight Time.

All entries should be in the form of images (jpg or png) posted to the forum topic.  Original images should be at least 1280x960 pixels and should be uploaded to your personal photo album on the gallery or to the shared Harvest Festival album, then posted here.  The post should state which category the picture is for (hopefully it will be obvious, but you never know!)

please submit your photos to the topic, and they need to include your pleo with the tomatoes/costume/sauce.
Save all your extra pictures.  If you are selected as the winner, or if there is a tie, the extra pictures may be requested.

At the end of the contest, Bob the Pleo will select three winners, one entry from three of the five possible categories.  The winners will be published in the Bob the Pleo strips after the end of the festival, and in the newsletter sent out after the festival.  The winners will be notified ahead of time by email.  Each winner will receive one of the designated prizes.

Here are a couple of pictures of the winners from previous Tomato Harvest Festivals.

Title: Re: Tomato Harvest Contest Rules
Post by: mweed on September 06, 2009, 09:18:16 PM
Frequently Asked Questuons:

Find a huge tomato or the best looking tomato to be photographed with your pleo. Make a costume for your pleo. Like a big tomato. Don't use real tomatoes, ;D  Enter your favorite tomato sauce recipe.

So you can just find a giant tomato at a store?

Is photo editing allowed?
Touching up photos for cleanup, fixes, etc. is allowed.  But composing photos in an image editor (i.e., taking a small tomato and making it look huge) is not playing fair.  So that's a no-no.

For those of us in countries where tomatoes are just going out of season, are store bought tomatoes ok?
Again, tomatoes can come from anywhere.  Even canned, if you can pull it off in a good photo!

Can we enter more than one category?
I don't know.  Can you?  You can feel free to enter each and every category.

For the sauce recipes can we enter more than one?
Try to keep it to one or two entries per category.  We want to give everybody who wants to enter a fair chance.  So, pick your best sauce!

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