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Title: ERS 111 ears 3D Print
Post by: Balboza on May 21, 2020, 07:50:48 AM
Hi everybody,

I'd like to create a 3D model of aibo ERS 111 ears, consiering that these are almost all damaged today. (To completed this tutorial : (
My purpose is then to print it with a 3D printer.
Considering that I only have the basis of the original ears, I used photos from the Internet to create the missing parts in 3D, it may not be totally similar to the original ones.
Maybe some of you could take a picture on the same idea than this one? (without perspective)
Then, I would be able to adjust my 3D model in order to have a reproduction similar to the original at 100%.

Then, I'll print them again, and I'll do a post-processing and it will be ready to be painted. By the way, if one of you have an idea of the colour bomb which can be used to paint the plastic (in order to be as closed as possible to the rest of the aibo), it would be great!

Thank you all in advance

Need your help for this ^^'

Model 3D
Title: Re: ERS 111 ears 3D Print
Post by: Talon on August 28, 2020, 02:56:05 PM
Hi! I am afraid I canít help since my 110 is rocking his nubs. iím surprised no one has responded to this. There are a few Aibo owners here and I am sure they would love to get their puppies new ears. Hopefully, somebody will be able to come up with some pictures. I never Head any ears for my puppy.
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