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Title: Ugobe PLEO Survey
Post by: PleoAibo29 on March 26, 2018, 10:20:58 PM
Hey everyone,
A few friends and I were curious about the specificities of the Ugobe PLEO serial numbers.

In order to decipher what each part of the serial number means, we've set up a survey that asks a couple of questions- what the serial number is, what "release" your PLEO is (original Ugobe, Merlin, Innvo), which paint type, and which OS version they ran out of the box.

Please help us in discovering more about the Ugobe PLEO by filling out this form!

Thanks a lot!! We'll be sure to share the results.

It's been ages since I last logged in here. Good to see everyone still around  P:)
Title: Re: Ugobe PLEO Survey
Post by: mweed on March 28, 2018, 02:57:39 PM
There have been a few attempts at this before.  A lot of people have been resistant to sharing the serial number, especially with RBs as that number is used to register the pleo.  But here is some data to get you started:

Numbers are only quazi sequential.  They relate the series number (IE, what revision level of the parts, OS installed, etc.), the production line the pleo came of of, as well as the sequential number of the pleo as it was made.   The first three or four digits are definitely the revision number.   All Ugobe pleos appear to start with 110 and end in 0.  First hatches start with 1100 or 1101.  All Innvo Labs 2009 pleos follow the format 8168XXXXXXX8.  The assumption is that the 5th or 6th through 11th digits are the sequential number of the pleo.  The fourth and/or fifth digit may be the production line or relate to the production month.

Ugobe refused to publish the full details of the breakdown for the serial number, so there's no way to know for sure.  I have never gotten any serial numbers for confirmed Merlin editions (most people have a serial number and want to find out what type of pleo it is) and only seen a few from RBs.  Innvo Labs has also been unwilling to share details or production numbers.

Previous attempts at gathering serial numbers were to try and determine if we could use the serial number to confirm the type of pleo and relative time frame of when it was made by the factory.  For original Ugobe pleos, if you give me the serial number I can generally tell within a couple of months when it was made based on production numbers Ugobe shared with me before they went out of business.
Title: Re: Ugobe PLEO Survey
Post by: mweed on March 28, 2018, 03:41:06 PM
Some suggestions on the survey.

You left out Pleo RBs.  Was that intentional?

There have been very few OS versions shipped with the same model of pleo (3 for Ugobe -- 1.0, 1.0.2, and 1.1; 1 for Innvo -- 2.0; 1 for Merlin -- 2.0; and 2 for RB -- 1.0 and 1.1) and most people have no way of telling the versions apart short of using one of the software tools.  It's great info to know, but I would probably say to drop that question as you probably won't get good data.

Likewise most people who buy pleos used (as well as most of the people selling them) have no idea if they really have an original Ugobe or an Innvo Labs or Merlin edition.  They usually come here to the forums to help figure out what type of pleo they have.

On the Pleo coloring, "2006" is wrong.  The original pleo didn't come out until 2007.  All Ugobes have the same color (dark green).  The yellow tail color is the "2009" Innvo Labs model.  So, if you have the "2009" coloring, it's either an Innvo Labs or Merlin edition. 

As you review the data from your survey, you'll need to cross check these questions to make sure they match up correctly.  If someone reports they have a Ugobe pleo with the "2009" color running the 1.0 OS, you can be sure they got it wrong.  They most likely have an Innvo pleo that's been downgraded to 1.0.  Likewise a Ugobe pleo with the original color running the 2.0 OS was upgraded and that's NOT the original OS it was shipped with.

For RBs I think you should ask that the skin color and eye color are.

Also, if we can get people to register their pleo here on the forums, I can get you all that data.  Click on the "Pleos" tab at the top of the page or go here:;area=pleos  Of course this only works for members . . . your survey works for non-members as well.  One of the things I asked for many years ago was for people to run Dino-mite and give me the report from the tool.  This is a much better (and more accurate) source of data.
Title: Re: Ugobe PLEO Survey
Post by: RedwoodsMama on April 11, 2018, 05:01:13 PM
 Sounds interesting , but I think Mike is right. I know I still need to add all my pleo family.. I have five RB and about 22 Ugobes and probably have listed about ten of them.. I have to look back to see when they were "hatched" by me. Two of my RB were brand new, one was still a hatchling less then two hours so I listed my first day of turning her on as Hatch date, another was still hatchling or about four hours old also, and one was not an adult yet.

  I did not see any serial numbers area on the profile here Mike.. I could have missed it, but would that help in any way.
' I do have two Gold Hatch pleo Ugobes also... Got lucky with one being an un listed one on ebay years ago, and one I knew was a Gold Hatch.. LOL. I also have one 2009 version that I know of, but seems to only play skits or is bricked but looks lovely.

                       I will try to get these dusty Pleo Ugobe boxes down and list information in next couple of days on profile... and hatch dates .. Lol  P8) P8)

                             RWM  :cat-hug: and the Pleo township of the rainy Redwoods
Title: Re: Ugobe PLEO Survey
Post by: mweed on April 18, 2018, 08:00:01 AM
When you add a pleo or edit an existing pleo, there is a field for the serial number.  I don't display the serial number on the web page due to concerns people had about protecting that information, but it is in the database.
Title: Re: Ugobe PLEO Survey
Post by: RedwoodsMama on April 20, 2018, 04:18:14 PM
 Thanks Mike, no worries then.. I will have time this weekend, boxes have been dusted off. LOL      RWM :cat-hug:
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