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Title: New Pleo Clothing Creations
Post by: aibo7m3 on March 23, 2017, 08:09:52 PM
Hey guys! I've been slowly working on the task of sewing my own outfits for my growing herd of Pleos and thought I'd share what I made earlier today!

Today I tried recreating the first Pleo cape I made back in October with thinner fabric that molds to the Pleo's shape better and a slightly altered pattern. This time Heart the Pleo RB is being my model. Here's the result!

First cape:


This cape covers the majority of the tail and the neck and has a velcro clip below the neck and around each leg. The fabric is about the thickness of the original Innvo capes and a similar texture, but I like the fit of my homemade one better and it doesn't have those horrible rubber band straps that the original capes have.

I also created an experimental neck brace. Despite all the countless issues I've faced with my Pleos, I've never had one with a broken neck cable, but I wanted to try this out anyway since the issue is so common. The design I made uses a hard cardboard brace that velcros into a soft wrap; with the intention of providing support without restricting any remaining movement (it has a velcro pocket in it, so the cardboard brace can be replaced or swapped out). I don't really know if it would actually work in practice though since I don't have any Pleos with snapped neck cables to test it on.
Title: Re: New Pleo Clothing Creations
Post by: Piggy on March 28, 2017, 07:22:58 AM
WoW it looks really fantastic , and I love your model  :D
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