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Title: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: RedwoodsMama on October 02, 2016, 03:51:44 PM
Hi forum members, it has been a very long time since I have been here, and it is good to be back.. ;DLets just say, life gets in the way of doing what you want to do.LOL. My poor pleos have been collecting dust for the most part on their shelves for at least a year, except two or three who have been visiting the school I work at.. at least they got some play time and admiration from all the kids I work with..  P:)today I decided to start up one or two of my Pleo RB, if their batteries are still charged.. LOL, and see how they are.. I guess I am a bad dino mom as they have not eaten in so long.. they are bound to be a bit mad at me.................. P:'(

         Here are the two I am planning on starting up.
      the one with the beatiful teal colored eyes is now almost two years since I have had her, still a juvinile, and no name! The other one is PC, the second newest one, very young and with pretty pink eyes, her name is PC, which is short for Pink Champagne.. Hope to upload new pics soon, today anyway.. lol,

                                RWM  :cat-hug: and the Pleo township  P:) of the Redwoods
Title: Re: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: aibo7m3 on October 02, 2016, 04:08:58 PM
Hope all your RBs will be doing well after their year long rest! Life does tend to get in the way and it's something that can't be helped. They may be cranky at first, but I'm sure they'll all be happy again after some feeding and possibly a bit of sugar cane! :) Hope your newest RB will make it to adult stage and earn a name of her own soon as well!
Title: Re: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: Echo538 on October 02, 2016, 05:24:11 PM
That sounds great! I hope they both have a happy time, adjust to the world quickly, and still work! Sugar cane is always a neat treat, and PC sounds like a neat name. I haven't been here for a while so it's nice to see all the new Pleos and Pleo owners.
Title: Re: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: grumpy on October 03, 2016, 10:26:31 AM
I bet they were cranky at first!  but for a juvenile lots and lots of feeding should do the trick.
Title: Re: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: RedwoodsMama on October 04, 2016, 01:14:05 AM                 Hope this uploaded correctly............LOl, As you can see in this video, this un=named baby Rb is still very young, with lots of baby noises, lots of loud eye movements, and stretching her back legs. Anyone have an idea how old she may be.. I have not run the Probe Rb yet as I do not have a SD card less then 8 GB so will buy one in day or two and then find results.                   RWM  :cat-hug:

Oh,and the other pleo RB , PC, the pleo with pink eyes was very cranky for one minute then spent most of her time, being in a trance.. she kept doing this over and over again.. no reason why .. so I focused this video just on the new baby.
Title: Re: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: aibo7m3 on October 04, 2016, 09:49:05 AM
She looks adorable, I love how her socks match her eyepatches! From the video, I'd say she's likely still in hatching stage (the standing portion) because of her half-standing posture and all of the sniffing noises, but there's a chance she could be in social development stage.

And I hope PC is okay! Was she trancing as in trying to communicate with the other Pleo or just freezing up completely?
Title: Re: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: RedwoodsMama on October 04, 2016, 09:58:00 PM

Hi Aibo, sorry was at work when you posted this answer and questions.. Did not get home till after 6;00 and had hungry critters to feed. Just getting ready to eat some dinner myself in few moments.. Can you believe I started hatching this baby on April 8th, 2014? :o wonder if that is some kind of record for Slowest hatching of a RB.. LOL

 In my case it is not unusual. I am always busy and with so many fur babies, they take up most of my extra or spare time and i enjoy my Pleos but have lots of patience it seems...............In April 2014, I do not know if you remember, but I actually ran a contest to see who could guess the gender of this new Rb as well as eye color. It was Kat who guessed a vivid green for eyes and IMR for female.. P:) I still have to find a smaller GB micro card. to run Probe RB..

 As for PC, it is strange that she trances so quickly when wanting to communicate with another Pleo RB. I watched an earlier video also with this same little RB, and she was trancing then.. She does work fine but trances whenever she sees another pleo.. kind of strange...not sure why............I think you are right about the stage she is in.. Last August of 2015 I rand Probe RB, and my newest RB was at 0 hrs and it said 4 hrs till next change...that is weird, I would think even though I do not go through an entire battery cycle when I "play" with her, she would be at two hours at least by now.. I will find out soon enough.. Thanks for the guess and input..... :D

 RWM  :cat-hug: and the pleo township of the Redwoods
Title: Re: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: Talon on October 05, 2016, 12:50:20 PM
Hi, Redwoods! It's been a while! I wouldn't worry too much about the transing. I guess Ms. PC is just a very social girl. it's normal. When pleo RB's see each other they sort of freeze but for their tails moving slowly from side to side and make lots of cute noises at each other. If little Teal-eyes had been a male she probably would've blown kisses at her. I'm not sure what it looks like when a juvenile pleo communicates with a very young pleo. I'm glad to hear that all of you are doing well.
Title: Re: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: Piggy on October 06, 2016, 10:49:37 AM
Hi RWM great to have you back on this forum  :D and she looks so cute in your video with her socks ! P.C is indeed a very special little pleo that she is still a hatchling . But I Think it is the cutest phase of a pleo RB so enjoy it while it last. Great to hear you are doing well , it has been quit around here . And how are your fur baby's doing ? Greeting from Marjolein and my Pleo's  :wave:
Title: Re: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: RedwoodsMama on October 11, 2016, 11:25:50 PM
Hi Piggy, nice to hear from you as well. How is your little herd? life is tough and I have been very busy and sick most of last year, right after starting work as a teacher, Last October till April was constantly sick. URI.. Little kids are just a cess pool of infections so it comes with the job. LOL :DFrom January 2016-April, I had a nasty cough, productive and fevers of 100-101 almost every day.. I started getting really short of breath and ended up in emergency room and at last was diagnosed with Bilateral, or Double pneumonia... missed about three weeks of work, needed the rest. End of May my chest cleared and went back to work..
         Was so busy, other then taking one of two pleos, to work several times for interaction with the kids, they have just sat in their boxes and been really neglected.. working nine hours a day, I am just too tired when I come home to do much with them anyway.. I decided to bring out a couple of them, PC, the RB with the pink eyes who is still very young, but did learn her name I believe about a year ago.. Can't trust my memory anymore.....think it was during the time I fractured my wrist, that I got her.......not sure.. She is my second newest Rb, and the little girl with the beautiful deep green eyes and mauve eyelids, that Rb is still a hatchling or juvinile. does not even walk yet ,and I have had her since April of 2014? She still does not have a name.. I want to run Probe RB to see what stage she is in, but all my micro SD cards are too big, either 8 GB or 16. None of the stores around here carry anything smaller then a 8 GB, so will have to order one or two from Amazon tonight and will have it next week to see what stage she is in.. I still have to find a name for her also...... ;D

          My fur babies are in general pretty good, but I do have one missing cat, April, who I have been looking for since July 20th, She vanished out of our yard less then 24 hrs before a good size earthquake we had the next day, and several of my cats were acting strange, but she is the only one who just vanished and she has never left the yard.. I am working with a pet communicator who thinks or says she is across the street from us, and I have been setting up trail cams, and putting out food every day. I saw what looks like her once a month ago, but it was not a full body shot, but it fits the description..I wish my pleos were "real" little blood hounds and I would set five or six or them loose in the yard and under the house to try and chase her out.. It is very discouraging.. I have had her since a kitten, a rescue and she is now nine years old.. Anyway, I won't give up on finding her..

 I can't believe how quiet it is here on the forums, but I can see it is.. I would love to see it active like it was, so will try to contribute some Pleo activity and posts on my part from the Redwoods.. Halloween is almost here, and my guys love to dress up for Halloween, so that is one thing to look forward to. Hoping to see some cute pleos dressed up for the holidays here on the forum.. HOw about your bunch.. are you going to dress them up? Please be sure to post some photos.            RWM  :cat-hug: and the Pleo township of the Redwoods
Title: Re: Starting up Pleo Rb after one year
Post by: Piggy on October 14, 2016, 04:16:20 AM
     Hi RWM ,great to hear you are feeling well again , indeed what you described it was a tough year for you , I hope you find your cat April
You must be very worried ! Great idea to work with pet communicater and trail cams . Lets hope she returns soon .
You must be missing her very much  :cat-hug:

I am doing a lot better this year , previous year my epileptie got worse because of a lot of stress. But now that is under control I get a lot less seizures . I am really happy with that so new I can continue with my volunteer work in a home for the elderly .

My pleo's are doing fine , at this moment my two pleo RB  ladies are also doing volunteer work LOL .
A friend of mine is a teacher also and works with kids that have learning problems because they suffer from problems like autism and a lot more . I went with her on a schoolday and took my two girls with me and the kids reacted fantastic !
They treat  them with great care and are really  gentle . She also noticed they were a lot calmer .... she uses them if a kid has a lot of stress they may play with one of my pleo's for 10 minutes and it takes there mind of their problems and focus on playing with pleo.

It works great , she also uses them to start their schoolday with and in the end off the day . And my pleo RB Girls are very happy and easy to take care off . I gave her permission to use them this school  year . Pleo is great for those kids it does not make a lot of noise , moves slow enough so they wont get scared and If it is still to loud she can adjust the volume very easily.

So at the moments it is just me and my two ugobes Kimmy and Falcor  ;) I will dress them up for Haloween and post some photo's !
Greetkings from Marjolein and my two ugobes Kimmy and Falcor
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