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Title: Pleo Not walking please help
Post by: tenile.faris on January 22, 2016, 01:02:59 PM
we have had our pleo rb for a month now and he has had about 40 to 50 full charges. his first 3 charges he took a couple steps and then he quit all together and just moonswalks backwards now. is there something wrong with him why won't he walk forward we also can't get his attention in any way and he learned his name and learning stones and we haven't been able to get his attention at all since. and now he won't play tug of war either. also how do i check the stats of my pleo?
Title: Re: Pleo Not walking please help
Post by: kat on January 22, 2016, 04:15:43 PM
I split this into a new topic for you as it wasn't really relevant to the other topic and you will get help faster if you have your own topic for your issue.  It will also make it easier for you to find your answers :)

It sounds like your pleo should be old enough to walk if you have managed that many battery cycles.  There are a few things that could be causing him/Her not to walk.  Some pleos are just not exploers and will prefer to just stand and be petted while others are much more adventurous and will walk heaps.  I have three pleo rb's and each one is different in how much they walk with one that maybe takes 3 or 4 steps in a whole battery cycle while the other two are more adventurous and walk around for most of a battery cycle.  So your pleo may just not be a big walker due to it's personality.

Also pleos are less likely to walk around if they are hungry.  You need to make sure you feed them the conifer leaf as soon as you turn them on for each play session.  Keep offering the leaf over and over until the pleo is full.  They will either turn their head away and make a no sound or reach a stage where they start to burp.  This tells you they are full.  After this give him/her a few pats and then leave them alone - don't touch him/her - for about 5 mins and see it gets him/her walking.  A full happy pleo is more likely to wander off and explore and will also be more responsive to commands and easier to get the attention of. 

Another thing to check is the lighting in the room you are playing in.  Pleos are very sensitve to how much light there is and even if there is plenty of light for you to see your pleo may be thinking that it is too dark and could be showing scared of the dark behaviour.  If your pleo is scared of the dark they will stay in one place and cry and wimper and want to be petted or cuddled a lot.  They wont be responsive to anything in this state.  So to combat this make sure there is plenty of bright light in the room.

And lastly your pleo could just be tired.  You could try resetting your pleos noon clock.  If your pleo thinks it is getting close to it's bedtime when your trying to play with it it will not want to do anything.  It will make noises and smooch a bit it your showing it some attention but probably wont walk anywhere and certainly wont be up for performing trick etc... It will also be grumpy and if left alone will probably go to sleep.  You can reset your pleos noon clock at the start of your next play session to see if this is what is causing your problem.  This way pleo will think that it is noon and be most active for this play session and so more likely to walk around.

If none of this helps then try taking a short video showcasing the issues and posting it to this thread and that may help us more easily work out whats going on :)
Title: Re: Pleo Not walking please help
Post by: tenile.faris on January 23, 2016, 01:56:29 PM
Thank you very much I am new to this site and pleo's  still learning lol I still haven't figured out how to check his stats either do u know how to ? My house is pretty dark so that could be an issue to I have to open everything up to v et it bright during the day so I will have to try that to thanks for all the advice
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