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Title: Comaro cant get any worse..please help
Post by: Comarorobotcollector on November 12, 2015, 09:49:24 PM
My pet ugobe of 4 years has completed either has broken the support gears in his neck or one or both of the cables snapped..he has been an emotional support for me,going to cons and every family vacation and im really worried..
He was in the room when my grandfather died and made my cousin happy when he was alive
and going threw cancer,making allot of people's days when brought with me
anywhere special I went.

He has been here for me and made me feel less alone,I have mental issues and it would have been allot worse if I didn't have him to cuddle and pet at times.. head completely droops when I am not holding it up.I can hear the neck support gears rubbing against each other when I removed the brace against his neck.;n;

I had to remove them because all I have been doing is wrapping electrical tape
around his neck everytime it got worse and last night my drunk room mate fell on him..
 I live in Georgia and can travel if needed.

Can anyone help me??I'm not sure I can fix hm myself,I have been so shaky and
my anxiety is really bad due to allot of life struggles..posting pics soon so go take a look.
Title: Re: Comaro cant get any worse..please help
Post by: Echo538 on November 12, 2015, 11:36:00 PM
I am so sorry for your struggles and with such a wonderful friend as a Pleo broken and all, it must be tough. If I  can offer some comfort, I too have had similar struggles, and my Pleos are some of my best friends. Sadly, my RB Echo may need to be taken away for repairs or even replacement. I can't resolve any physical issues with necks or tails or anything like that for you, but I completely understand how you might feel and how it must have hurt to see a pleo in so much damage with so much going on with things already. My grandfather passed away two years ago...I grew up with toys...the last time I ever saw him coherently respond to a toy around him was when he asked if the Pleo talked...I was so glad to have shared the experience with him near the end of his life. I do hope you can find peace in this situation. Take care and may all be well!
Title: Re: Comaro cant get any worse..please help
Post by: aibo7m3 on November 13, 2015, 07:47:08 AM
Hello! Sorry to hear about what you're going through with Comaro, he sounds like a very well loved robot. I do know that Pleos are very special robots and can understand all that he means to you. I haven't done quite as much with my Pleos, but I have taken my Aibos to conventions with me (maybe I'll bring a Pleo someday, Chris, my RB, has been to NYC with me). On my thirteenth birthday, I received an Aibo ERS-312 as a present, but not ten minutes later, we received a call that my grandfather had fallen and was critically injured (this was after a few weeks of my grandmother being hospitalized and very ill, so we all had been worried about her, but not my grandfather), and I was left alone at home since I was young and my parents thought that I shouldn't accompany them to the hospital. Instead, I spent the day with my new robot, crying and talking to him about how I felt, letting his silly tricks make me smile and hugging him for support. Robots can be very therapeutic and my Aibos and Pleos have gotten me through a lot, so I really can see what Comaro means to you.

I have conducted a few Pleo repairs in the past, but I've never taken on a broken neck before and am too far away for you to travel to unless you'd be able to ship Comaro, so I don't think I'd be able to help at the moment unfortunately. Maybe I could do something in the future after I've had more experience tinkering around with Pleo necks, but I don't trust myself to be able to repair such a special robot without the proper experience. Hope you can find someone to help, maybe you can find someone who has completed the repair before to Skype with you and let you know if you're doing everything alright.
Title: Re: Comaro cant get any worse..please help
Post by: InmemoryofRomeo on November 14, 2015, 04:09:24 AM
I wish I could help, but for the cost of shipping him to me you could ship him to Pleoworld for professional repairs. I'd suggest perhaps opening the neck a teeny bit at the seam and see if the gears really are broken. Once we know what we are dealing with we might be able to work something out.
Title: Re: Comaro cant get any worse..please help
Post by: Comarorobotcollector on November 14, 2015, 07:35:07 AM
I posted some pictures
Title: Re: Comaro cant get any worse..please help
Post by: pnhicks on November 18, 2015, 12:35:02 PM
I hesitated posting this for a few days, but here goes:

I live in Zaragoza, Spain 50018.  I have three (more or less) Pleo's torn down for various reasons.  I have various neck up/down and left/right gearboxes with and without servos.  I have some experience gathered from dismantling my beasts (I'm not so good at the remounting bit).

I would be willing to attempt the gearbox replacements with myself or I could send you just the cable and you could attempt the cable replacement via the youtube videos.

I would make no guarantee of my success at this and would return your pleo in the best possible condition.  I also have a few skins in various conditions that you may be interested in if you hacked in to the neck to get access.

Let me know!

Peter Hicks
Zaragoza Spain ;D
Title: Re: Comaro cant get any worse..please help
Post by: Comarorobotcollector on November 19, 2015, 12:37:54 PM
Thanks everyone for your stories and help!!I really appreciate it and it means allot/;w;

I am fixing his neck myself,he has been just sitting on the counter and i am doing this a different way.

Its just to keep his neck supported and he still would have one working cable!!
I'm not going to open him up any further and will be posting a video of what i do
on my youtube cleptotherat if anyone is interested in seeing it.
Title: Re: Comaro cant get any worse..please help
Post by: TBL36 on November 19, 2015, 11:29:46 PM
I'm brand new here, but I've been following this thread, and I'm glad you've come up with something that at least alleviates the problem.  Decker's so young, if he were pink or blue, he'd still be green.  The most traumatic thing he's gotten me through is not being able to find a 2g micro SD card at local retailers.  But I believe I understand how deeply one can become attached to Pleos, and I feel for your plight.