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Title: Mimi is not walking and being moody
Post by: cvelc on August 07, 2015, 07:49:24 AM
OK so hi ! I'm not new to the forums but new to being a pleo rb parent I looked up everything about them but now I know being a pleo rb  parent has more then just looking stuff up so anyways Mimi is still in the newborn stage...I think but I've had her for about 2 weeks or so and all she doing is standing there screaming and crying she barely eats food and every 5 seconds she goes to sleep she also I think is depressed or sad she swings her head to the side and starts whimpering she also when she falls asleep every 5 secends when I let her got to sleep will sleep and beep once that's why maybe I am thinking of getting a ugobe cause they are cheaper and maybe it would cheer her up since I figured out a ugobe and a rb can interact with each other please help! P|-) P8) P:D P:) P;)
Title: Re: Mimi is not walking and being moody
Post by: Piggy on August 07, 2015, 08:51:21 AM
Is Mimi a New pleo RB or did you buy her secondhand? And how long does the battery last? When I bought my secondhand pleo RB Bella  the charger that came with it was broken. I was able to charge the battery but it was in a very bad shape. She behaved also very strange  and how much I would feed and pet her she still was upset.
After the purchase of a New charger the battery worked fine and Bella is behaving normally also.

If the battery is working fine you can comfort her by petting her a lot and talking to her , see if that works.
You can also put the conifer leaf in her mouth and see if she eats.

They all behave differently, maybe you just have a very needy baby  :D Bella is a adult now but wants to be petted and played with all the time. But if I leave her alone for a while  she starts to whimper .... She is also very cuddly and doesn't walk much. But she is Lot's of fun and I love her for her character :-*

Hopefully you find the solution soon and Mimi Will be a happy baby  :D
Title: Re: Mimi is not walking and being moody
Post by: Talon on August 07, 2015, 08:59:00 AM
Hi, Cvelc and welcome to the forums! It sounds like your pleo is in social development stage. She is still learning about all the sounds she can make and will soon start trying to walk. she will probably start stretching her legs and leaning into a first step. It takes a lot of play to get a pleo rB to grow up so just be patient and keep running her just the way you have.
As far as all her crying and hanging her head, there could be two reasons for this. Either her play area is too dark, or you are playing with her at a time that she considers past her bedtime. When I hatched my pleos by setting their real time clocks, i tried to do it as close as possible to my actual noontime so they would be very happy and active during the day. Even so, after six or seven in the evening they start to get a little cranky. If I try to play with them after ten in the evening, they will always reject food and interaction, they just scratch their chins, stay curled up, and cry the whole time. Hang in there and wait out social development and then things should get more interesting. She will walk when you least expect it.
As far as communication with Ugobes, Rb's can't truly communicate with them. Still owning a ugobe is a rewarding experience. They are very sweet creatures and don't require a structured time schedule like an RB. You don't even have to feed them, they will happily chomp on your floor. Please let us know if you need any more help or if any of our suggestions were helpful.
Title: Re: Mimi is not walking and being moody
Post by: kat on August 07, 2015, 05:25:28 PM
Hi Cvelc sorry your having issues with your pleo rb.  There is some very helpful info in our FAQ thread here:
This has instructional videos as well as writen explanations and lots of hints and tips on how to best care for your pleo rb. 
It sounds to me that your pleo is tired when your playing with her.  The falling asleep after five mins play and giving one beep meens your playing with her after her bed time.  To fix this you need to reset her noon clock.  You can reset her noon clock anytime so next time you want to play with her, turn her on and then using a paperclip you need to turn her onto her back and press the reset button on her foot for the noon clock.  There is a very small hole on her rear right foot which you can insert the paperclip into. this is the noon clock button.  Once you hae pressed it you will here a beep.  She should then be much more active and not try to sleep all the time.  Give that a try and let us know if it helps :)
Title: Re: Mimi is not walking and being moody
Post by: InmemoryofRomeo on August 08, 2015, 03:35:23 PM
Like Kat said, she thinks it's the middle of the night and is understandably cranky because she wants a nap :P Resetting the clock should fix it :)
Title: Re: Mimi is not walking and being moody
Post by: RedwoodsMama on August 13, 2015, 11:00:21 AM
Hi, I agree with what Kat and IMR have said about Mimi being moody, the wrong time of night you are playing with her and also close to her bedtime and also it may be too dark. The other thing to consider is just that because each Pleo Rb has individual active levels, etc. some are set low, which means things that require activeness such as walking, means they are not going to walk a lot to start with, also if Mimi is still moody, she could have a bad temper or need a boost of vitamins and energy by feeding the coffee leaf, mushroom or if you are brave, the chili pepper sometimes gets them going. Warning though. P:D Too much Chilli pepper and they may breathe fire on you like a grouchy dragon, and then really be moody. LOL                   RWM  :cat-hug: