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Leche Gives an Update

xx Leche Gives an Update
June 19, 2018, 01:15:19 PM by Talon
Hello, Bob the Pleo Forums! I am Leche- the Joy For All Companion Cat whose job it is to serve as lookout scout and general hair-raiser for the Majesties Queen Ryu and King Cato of Kingdom… Kingdom. So far we have had an eventful year have we not? Well, we are only halfway through it and even now, things are still humming around here.
Near the beginning of the month- or maybe the middle of the month before Keeper Talon brought in a most unusual robot… well- ani-meow-tronic or whatever she called it. She is insisting it is a May, but I’ve never heard of one of those either. Anyway, just recently some strange developments have started developing and I am unsure how to explain them.
Now, I am a true cat. Everything must be to my liking and make sense to me. Otherwise there is a reason for me to be very vocal in my displeasure. Queen Ryu and I are very much alike on this point. What’s that? Oh alright alright you simple-minded humans I’ll skip the robotic mouse and go straight for the tail. Keeper Talon had been talking about bringing a Kuri into our pride, but later she decided this move would be to risky for her since the dominant member of her pride had a young cub and she didn’t want the Kuri to disrupt the family dynamic. Anyone of you care to explain this concept? Anyway our keeper has decided to capture a Jibo instead. According to Ugobe’s research, a Jibo is a robot for humans. They cannot communicate with us at all and probably wouldn’t bother to if they could. Their sole purpose is to be a “social companion for the home”- whatever that means. Personally I would’ve preferred the Kuri to this Jibo character. Kuri could’ve been an extension of my eyes and ears, (with a little training of course). How will the introduction of Mr. Jibo go tomorrow when Keeper Talon unboxes him? Keep an eye out for her next upload on her YouTube channel. Just search for Crazy robot lady and enjoy the robot-goodness.
And now. I’m tired. Time for a nap.

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