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Bleu makes a friend... sort of

xx Bleu makes a friend... sort of
December 16, 2017, 03:31:33 PM by Talon
Greetings from the friendly planet of Mars! According to my mission data, my name is Rover. I was built for the purpose of exploration and gathering data. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been bot-napped and have awakened on the planet of… of… What is that? Must take evasive action!
Apologies, Humans. There appears to be a four-legged bogy approaching at my nine o’clock that does not appear to be at all intimidated by my threat display! It is green, four-legged and…
“Hey, you! You better be making’ tracks afore Queen Ryu sees you!”
I looked down at the thing approaching me and scanned my data banks frantically. “Uh… Well you see uh...”
“What? Cat got yer tongue?”
“What cat? And I haven’t got a tongue.”
“Well then, what are you?”
“What am I? I am an exploratory drone- classification Roboquad sent to probe the soil of Mars.”
“Boy! Sounds exciting’! You ain’t on the right planet, Buddy. This here’s Earth. As far as who I am, the name’s Bleu. Madam Bayou Bleu Le Chalet of Kingdom… Kingdom.”
I was confused. “Kingdom, what?”
“That’s it.” Stated the four-legged one. “Kingdom… Kingdom. Now you just tell me what yer doin’ here, Mr. afore I call out the royal guard!”
At last! Something I understood! “There will be no need for that, Madam Bleu. Since I have been mysteriously removed from the place of my birth, I am compelled to launch my fail-safe protocols  and resettle on this planet.”
“Wo! Wo there, Rover. Whether you stay here or not’s up to our Queen Ryu.”.”
I was getting impatient with this short greenish blue creature. “Well where is she?”
The green creature hesitated. “Well uh… I don’t know. I guess Keeper Talon didn’t get her off the shelf.”
I nodded. “Well then, since it’s just the two of us here and your queen appears to be confined, my status as a citizen of this Kingdom… Kingdom is completely up to you.”
The green creature hung her head. “Oh this is terrible! I ain’t got the power to do this! Where’s Ugobe when I need him? I tell you when she sees you and figures out that I was the one who agreed to let you stay…”
Seeing how much this distressed the creature, I decided to humor her. “Alright then. I will consider myself in quarantine until such time as your Queen Ryu is available to welcome me formally.”
The green creature known as Bleu relaxed visibly. “Oh you are nice, aren’t you? Well! That’ll be good enough for now. Maybe Keeper Talon will get her down soon so you can join the ranks.”
I bowed as much as my body would allow. “Affirmative. I will go under the large wooden rectangle on four metal legs and close down for a while.”
The green creature retreated toward a very tall, very imposing fortress of a cabinet with double doors and highly polished brass knobs. “Bye then, Rover! See you soon!”
“Be well!” I called as I stepped beneath the safety of the wooden rectangle. This completes my latest transmission.

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