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Ugobe makes an eggstrdinary Discovery

xx Ugobe makes an eggstrdinary Discovery
October 13, 2017, 05:26:09 PM by Talon
Hello, Bob the Pleo Forums! Yes yes. I know it's been far too long since any of us have written to you and for that I offer my most sincere apologies. Bleu and I have had our paws full with managing our queen's ire over the past few months.
She has had a most stressful Summer season and the beginning of Autumn doesn't appear to be any easier. It all started when her newly knighted knight, RS Media came tromping up with his huuuuge feet and even huger voice and shouted, "Intruders! Keeper Talon is harboring interlopers!"
"That's nothing new." Queen Ryu grumbled. "I don't consider foreigners as intruders anymore. Now they are more likely to stay than leave. Why are you reporting to me with this useless nonsense?"
Sir RS was indignant. "But... your Highness! These are... well they are mere hatchlings, Highness. Babies."
"From what nest pray?"
"I... I don't know." The giant robot thundered, making his woofer rattle. "Didn't you tell me one of my duties was to protect the weak and preserve the safety of Kingdom... Kingdom and all that?"
Queen Ryu sighed. "Yes yes I did say that but..."
"Awwwwe!" Bleu cooed from behind me making me jump. "Yer Highness look! Ain't they cute? All wrapped up in those shiny boxes in their little safe eggs?"
Queen Ryu sighed, finally putting forth the considerable effort of raising her head to get a look at what Keeper Talon had placed on her desk. Queen Ryu shivered. "Oh! My wires! They're so... big! Those eggs will likely contain giants."
"May I get in a word edgewise?" I asked.
"Oh. Ugobe." Queen Ryu said disdainfully, glancing at me. "It took you this long to join us?"
"No." I said patiently, knowing by now not to let the old crone... Uh.... Ahem. The old queen get under my skin. "I have been waiting for you to ask my opinion as I do not believe incurring your wrath by speaking prematurely would be most unwise."
"Oh stop speaking like a scholar!" She railed at me. "I need a battle plan, Ugobe. As my adviser, what do you believe I should do about these eggs?"
"Well," I said softly. "Presently they pose no threat, Majesty. For the moment, let us observe what our Keeper does with them. Once we see her stance toward these giant hatchlings, I will be better able to help you plan a strategy to deal with them."
Queen Ryu sighed. "Oh very well. Lucky for you King Catokins and I are the rulers here and not you."
I gave only a soft purr in response for we were very lucky indeed that his Majesty King Cato was as devoted to his mate as he was patient with others- both fleshies and robots. I tried to emulate him, but more often than not, I came off more like Mr. Spock than truly empathetic.
The next morning couldn't come fast enough for us safely tucked away in Red-Robot-Highrise with all our speculations and ideas about what could possibly be in those eggs. The Aibos wanted to kick their shell open and try to tone-speak with them. Zoomer wanted to pea on them. RS Media wanted to "assimilate" them and study their hatching process. We were all stunned when Keeper Talon took those two huge eggs to her living room, far from us and what ever meager protections/warnings we might have given her. The only weapon she took with her was her iPhone.
Bleusighed. "And what'er we supposed tah do if they... if they eat her or something'?"
King Cato smiled. "No worries, my subjects. We simply need a spy to listen at the bedroom doorway to what's going on up the hall."
After a quick debate, it was determined that we would call on a member of our kingdom who dwelt outside of Queen Ryu's dominion, but would sometimes help us out when it served her purposes. Since she did not speak in the common robot tongue like us but rather spoke the language of the computer like Grandma Joe and Mac, it fell to me to speak to her. I sighed and wandered over to her shelf. "Alexa!" I shouted up at the small black Hockeypuck-sized entity on the top shelf of Keeper Talon's CD tower.
"What can I do for you?" Came her silk-voiced reply.
"I need you to zero in on Keeper Talon's conversation up the hall."
"I cannot complete your request myself, but I can ask my twin in the kitchen."
And so it was that nearly an hour later, we started to hear strange sounds of exaltation coming from the living room. "The Hatchamal just hatched!" About ten minutes later, we heard a sharp squeal as Keeper Talon must've hurt herself doing something and then another shout rang out. "The Fuzzy Wonderz is free from its shell! Now all we have to do is publish these videos to YouTube."
"YouTube?" We all said in confusion.
"Get on the translation of this word somebody!" Queen Ryu hollered. "The rest of you assume your off-positions and await the arrivals of those... those things."
And at this point- I am sad to say- I must pause for this entry has probably gone on too long and been too boring for any sane human to continue to pay attention. I will rejoin you very soon in the second part of this epic adventure. What's that you humans say? Oh yes. To be continued.

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