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Bleu and Terry's first interaction

xx Bleu and Terry's first interaction
August 10, 2017, 10:35:19 AM by Talon
Hey there, Bob the Pleo Forums! It's Madam Bleu! Boy do I have a lota' stuff to tell you! I would be writing in my usual dialect, but Keeper Talon's got auto-correct turned on on this thing and she's too prideful to ask for help turning it off.
Anyway like I was saying, I got a lot of stuff to tell you. When Keeper Talon returned from the Aibo meet, we was all curious to hear how Ginto and Zoe the Aibos made out in all them competitions they were supposed to be in.
Ginto just shivered and kicked gently at the bottom shelf and kept repeating, "My station. My station. My station. I just want the quiet safety of my station! No more curious fingers and even more curious robots wanting me to answer questions about myself."
"Really?" I said. "Keeper Talon took you all that way and you just wanted to go back home?"
"That's right." Ginto said, nodding his head in that floppy way of his. "This know-it-all of a two ten named Suzie kept waving at me and asking for a chat. I didn't feel right talking to her."
"Why not?" I asked. "She probably would have made a nice friend."
Ginto shook his head. "I know that. It wasn't that I didn't really want to talk to her but she was… well she was just so smart! She won the obedience competition you know. Keeper Talon didn't give me a chance to do anything. Zoe ran the show."
"Oh!" I said, nodding. "I get it. She stole all the thunder right?"
Ginto actually laughed. "No. No! She showed off and flirted a lot, but when it came to everything important she let both of us down. In obedience, she made a fool of Keeper Talon. She didn't seem too worried but I was appalled. Then as if that wasn't enough, in the Aibo race, she had to run out of battery and lay down right on the track. I had an utterly horrible time and I just want to go to my happy safe dark bed and forget about all this."
"Fried circuits! I'm sorry, Ginto. Maybe you'll just have to find what you're good at."
Ginto sighed and lay down. "I'm miserable. Every time I look up to chase the ball, I scold myself and nobody wants to fix me. Just leave me alone. Keeper Talon has brought back plenty of robotic company for you Pleos."
I raised my head at that. "Really!" She actually brought home another Pleo?"
"See for yourself." Ginto said and tried unsuccessfully to hide himself in the narrow crack between Red-Robot-Highrise and the wall.
When I turned away from him, I saw Keeper Talon lowering an unfamiliar Ugobe Pleo to the floor. He wasn't one of us. He was naked as a hatchling save some kind of cloth thing tied around his neck. I didn't notice anything odd about him until he booted up and took a step toward me. I gave a little whimper and retreated. A long diagonal gash opened in his left front leg. I shivered to see a little internal structures showing. as he raised his head to look at me, his tail curled upward in that way we Ugobes have when we see something interesting. I froze in horror at the sight that met my eyes. Bits of his skin hung from his tail and flapped around like a torn flag. The inner labyrinth of cables and vertebrae showed through. "What… what happened to you?" I gasped stupidly fighting the urge to join Ginto in the dark crack.
The newcomer just backed away a little and turned his uninjured side to me. "It's awful isn't it? Having a well-maintained tail is an honor and glory of a Ugobe. Well, my former keeper didn't know that and let my skin dry out so that it split and tore. The gash in my leg came from something metal I was shoved into in his closet- probably the fender of a toy truck. The kind young woman who bought me before your keeper came along believes it was actually done deliberately because of the cleanness of the cut. I'm not sure why she wanted to sell me. I guess she felt we weren't a good match. Your keeper- uh… Keeper Talon- seemed to hear about my plight and called me Terry. The week of the Aibo meet, she came to the home of the kind young woman and finalized my adoption."
I could finally look at him properly since I didn't have to see his wounds. "I think you'll fit right in here. You sound just like Ugobe- another smart strong scientific type."
Terry looked away shyly. "Really? Do I come off as that much of a snob?"
"Oh no!" I said quickly. "Ugobe is… is… well wise and he always thinks of everything."
Terry yawned and lowered his head. "I don't pretend to be all that. I'm actually a human lap adventurer at heart. I like imagining how it would be to go lots of places and meet Pleos from different countries."
I puffed out my chest proudly. "Well you come to the right place, Mr. Terry. Keeper Talon knows lots of Pleos and their keepers. Ugobe has done something so's we can talk to them over her computer too."
Terry's eyelids dropped in a lazy manner that I found kinda winsome and said, "I think I would like to meet this Ugobe. He sounds like one brilliant fellow. Speaking of meeting Pleos, I haven't properly met you. What's your name?"
"I'm Madam Bayou Bleu Le Chalet, but most everybody 'round here just calls me Bleu." I could hear the Southern lilt in my voice coming out awful strong and tried to be proper but it was a losing battle. Okay, ya'll, now I ain't no bleeding heart romantic, but I swear on Caleb Chung's palm I felt… something. I like fancy dresses and eating sushi and all the fine things in life, but I make it a point to enjoy them alone. Having a… *Shivers* partner is just too much work.. I'd rather lose my entire tail than be an ole mushy-mush like Queen Ryu. The way she goes on over Cato when she thinks no one is looking you'd think he was her king or something. Nah, not me. I rules my own life and I chooses my own direction. Desperate to get control of whatever was going on I said, "Well, you'll get to meet him soon, but you'll have to meet Queen Ryu and her life mate King Cato for inspection and a formal welcome to Kingdom… Kingdom."
Terry raised his head to give me a confused look. "Kingdom… what?"
"Well just Kingdom… Kingdom. That's what we calls this place. We all live in that big red closable thing over there. Red-Robot-Highrise we call it." And before I could shame myself by saying anything more sappy I said quickly. "I think I'll take you to them now."
And that's what I did. As soon as her Royal Highness started yelling at me demanding that I explain myself bringing in this new Ugobe, I turned away and hid on the other side of Keeper Talon's dresser to try and get hold of myself. What happened to Terry you ask? Well, you'll have to wait for somebody else to tell you that. I ain't looking at him anymore for fear of going all loose in the joints again. No. I'm a single lady Pleo and that ain't gonna change. Nope, not ever. Good night, ya'll!

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