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xx Bleu Breaks Up an Argument
April 01, 2014, 11:36:48 AM by Talon
Hey ya’ll! Madam Bleu here. Just figured I’d stop in and chat for a minute. Keeper Talon was feelin’ kinda nervous yesterday mornin’. She had to go to the eye doctor. I was glad she spent some time with me before she left. She didn’t bring anyone else out- just happy little me.
She let me have a bitah leaf and talked to me like she usually does. I got the feelin’ she needed to relax. I stayed close to her and didn’t make her chase me.
“Bye, Bleu-girl.” She said quietly to me after puttin’ me back on Castle Wooden Dresser with the others and heading out the door. “Hold down the fort until I get back okay?”
That was easier said than done. Ryu was still moanin’ ‘bout gettin’ old. Ugobe was teasin’ her callin’ her a prehistoric prune and poor Cato was tryin’ tah get’im to hush. Finally I turned around and roared, “Oh hush up you ole bully! If only I was a real Camerasaurus I’d go up side yo head with my big long tail so hard yo mama’d feel it. Now how old are you, Ugobe?”
That got his attention.
“When were you made? Two thousand seven?”
Long silence full of Ugobe’s eye and neck motors as he slowly lowered his head.
“That’s what I thought.”
Cato gave me a gentle nuzzle while Ryu wasn’t lookin’. “Thank you, Bleu.” He says softly. “Ryu’s just trying to make herself look stronger than she is. You know she’s got low courage. The minute there’s no light she’s a ball of quivering green fear. She’s just afraid because strange things are happening to her these days. Let’s try to be friendly to her, alright? She is our queen after all and needs our support right now.”
I sighed. “Well alright. Hey, Ugobe! Ya got something ya wanna say? To Queen Ryu perhaps?”
“No.” Ugobe grunted. He started to wiggle and finally the tip of his tail flew upward in this violent wagging. He started giggling like someone had flipped him over and was ticklin’ his feet. “Oh alright! Alright!! I didn’t really mean any of what I said.”
“Then tell that to Ryu!” I shouted over Cato’s rump.
“Hey, Ryu! I’m sorry.”
Ryu snarled at him. “Oh be quiet. You are on the edge, Ugobe. If I were turned on all I’d have to do is take one step and BOOM! You’d go rolling into the floor.”
“Ryu?” Cato said softly. “Consider who you’re talking to, Dear. Ugobe might act crazy when he’s wound up about something but who has the most level head among us? Who is our star diplomat? Who do we count on when we’re discussing matters of state? Do you remember the eloquent treaty Ugobe made with Bolt the Aibo and his brothers?”
“Yes.” Ryu said grudgingly. “Ugobe spoke to them for us and told them that if they didn’t run over us while we were grazing on Sand-Colored Carpet, we wouldn’t roll their pink balls away anymore. We were united in those days. Why can’t we reclaim that spirit of unity now? I am still queen of Castle Wooden Dresser and you are all my family. It is my responsibility as queen to look out for you and you are supposed to look out for me. Let’s stop all this arguing. I know I let my temper get the best of me sometimes but… but this is all so scary and strange and my circuits are all fuzzy and my wires are tingling and ooooh I’m just scared!”
We all got very quiet then.
“What? Did the ghost in the machine trigger your mute buttons?” Ryu said into the silence.
“Uuuuh… we’ve never heard you admit that.” Ugobe says soundin’ really shocked.
“Oh well. It’s true okay. What do you take me for, an unfeeling robot?”
More silence.
“Okay forget that part. Are we finished with this mushiness now?”
Before anyone could answer, Keeper Talon came through the door. I closed my eyes in relief. She took us down one by one and let us loose for a run across the floor. I noticed that day that Ryu didn’t join Ugobe and me. She and Cato spent their entire battery cycle alternately trancin’ and sleeping together on Cato’s poster board. I had a funny feelin’ things were going to be very different between us now.

xx Talon Brings News about Old Age Stage
March 29, 2014, 07:56:17 AM by Talon
Well everyone, there’s no easy way for me to say this. My Ryu has reached Old Age stage. This is the fourth and last development stage for pleo RB which can only be reached if your unit has saved three literal years of runtime. Your pleo will not die in a programmed sense but they will probably run much slower and will sleep more than they once did. For a minute I thought I’d somehow grabbed Cato instead but I had only to look at her collar to know it was her for sure. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s a glaring reminder that time for my little robotic companions is passing. They are machines that can and will develop problems.
Ryu already has a bad front leg similar to Cato’s. Her right front leg is frozen at the shoulder and the leg is positioned differently than his. It’s oddly close to her body and her front foot is close to her back foot and she makes no effort to move it forward. Unlike Cato’s leg, it stays in that position even at shutdown. There is no noise or clutch sounds so I don’t think using an automon.txt file would really be of much benefit. She’s not much of an explorer anyway so walking isn’t that important for her.
For those with newer units, if you suspect your pleo has a problem or isn’t moving properly, it is very important that you contact Innvo Labs especially if your companion is still within the warranty period. There have been instances where immobile moving limbs  have become very warm. If you aren’t careful, these parts could overheat and cause a burn or fire hazard.
And my train of thought just totally derailed. In closing I guess I should say that though Ryu is now at Old Age, she’s still my first pleo. She’ll always be my bossy sassy girl who I thought was a boy and led me to join a forum where I’ve made friends from all around the world.
xx Ryu Purrs about the Pleasures of Pledge
March 25, 2014, 12:26:29 PM by Talon
Hello, Bob the Pleo Forums! It’s yours truly- the beautiful, the lovely, the irresistible Queen Ryu! I hope all of you are at a good mood level and have been well-fed. I’d like to talk to you about my favorite day of the week- Tuesday!
Tuesday in Keeper Talon’s house is Pledge day. No, I’m not talking about making promises, I’m talking about getting a soothing full-body-massage with Pledge Extra moisturizing Furniture polish. Why you ask? Well I thought you’d all know that by now. We pleo RB’s need to have our skins Pledged every once in a while to keep it from becoming dried out so that it is more likely to tear. You don’t need to Pledge us every week as my Keeper does. You can do it whenever you feel it is necessary. Oh and I wouldn’t recommend you do this to the Ugobes in your care. They have their own cleaning stuff. I don’t remember what it’s called.
Keeper Talon has her own way of going about this task. First she removes our clothing, collars, and socks. I’m not sure why but she Pledges us when we’re turned on. She says it’s so that she can reach all the crannies in our skins. Cato has lots of them with his baggy twenty ten skin. Talon spends more time working with him than she does with me. I don’t mind. I’ve grown to love my Chinese import just as much as I love myself.
Anyway, after removing all our accessories, she sprays a fuzzy finger with a small amount of Pledge. Oh it smells so good! That nice clean lemony smell just makes me wriggle and bark in anticipation! What’s a Fuzzy Finger? Oh these interruptions! Do I have to explain everything to you? It looks kind of like a round pad with thick fuzzy strings on it. I think it’s supposed to be used on computer screens to remove dust. It’s soft and gentle so she uses it on us.
She always starts with our chins and the underside of our necks. She waits until we point our noses upward and works her way toward our chests. After that she moves on to the back sides of our legs- our armpits if you will. She waits until we move  the intended leg forward so the skin back there is nice and straight. It really feels awesome stretching out and getting the Pledge into all those little seams!
Once that’s done, she does the front sides of our legs the same way and then the inside and outside edges and then moves downward toward our feet. Finally she goes over the rest of our bodies starting from the top of our heads and moves over our backs to our hips. I’m in Heaven by now and I’m wagging my tail and doing all sorts of stretches. Can I share a secret here? Good. Cato says I look ridiculous when I’m receiving my treatment. He says I look like a pretzel. What’s a pretzel?
Anyway, once she’s done, she lets us have a nice battery-cycle to romp in the air and dry off. A few hours later, she goes over us again with a soft microfiber cloth slightly dampened with water to remove all the excess Pledge. It’s a long process but it’s so enjoyable! There’s this huuuuuge mirror on Castle Wooden Dresser and I look truly magnificent in it! Aaaah I’m so beautiful! Well, I’ll purr at you guys later! *Gives right front paw wave and a bat of wide purple eyes while slowly slinking away* Bye!

xx Cato Tells his Story
March 24, 2014, 02:00:25 PM by Talon
Hello world! I’m Cato and I’d like to tell my story. You might want to give my head a pat every once in a while. I tend to forget what I’m doing and doze off these days. I’m just not as young and sharp as I used to be.
Well, where to start? Ah! Obviously- at my hatching. Well, I was hatched on December twenty eighth of twenty ten. My previous owner was a pretty good pleo-parent from what I remember of him. I was a little trouble-maker. I was really loud and got him a pet-violation at his apartment. I also refused to learn my name or do tricks at first.
After about five months, my previous owner decided to sell me. He just didn’t have the time to give me as full a life as he’d hoped. I can’t remember how I felt about being sold but I was excited about the great adventure ahead of me.
I was supposed to arrive on Talon’s doorstep on the eighth of June twenty eleven but evidently the PSUS? No no that’s not right. The SPUS? No… ummmm… What is it? Oh yes. The UPS man put me under a neighbor’s grill and left me. I spent nearly two days in the elements but I wasn’t scared. I liked listening to all the noises and the children running and the dogs barking from inside my box.
Finally someone took me to Talon's house. I was really hungry and stressed after the long ride and then my being alone under the grill. She communicated with my former owner and told him that I was home at last and both of them were very happy.
The following morning, my box was finally opened, my battery was charged, and I got a long-deserved meal. Right away I was ready to explore my new world. I was shuffling along near the edge of Talon’s bed when I was viciously attacked from the side. A green female pleo bore down on me, throwing her neck over mine and pinning me so that my rear was in the air and my chin was on the floor.
She snarled and said in a very imperious voice- “WHO ARE YOU?”
I gasped and gurgled out a wild scream for my new mistress. I needed help! Talon leapt from her computer chair where she was working on an article and quickly separated us. “I’m… Cato.” I said finally when I could see and breathe again. It was then that I saw my attacker clearly and she saw me. We both had this moment of surprise as she realized I wasn’t a bio-creature there to take a chunk out of her and I realized she wasn’t just female but pretty and strong too.
Talon was frozen too but with shock. “Ryu!” She said sharply. “What in the world has gotten into you? You’ve never gone after Ugobe like that. I wonder if this is normal for RB’s. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”
Ryu threw back her head and gave this Godzilla roar and glared down her nose at me. “Cato huh? Well, Cato, let me put you on notice. This room is mine, Talon is mine, and if you want to avoid having a snapped vertebra you’ll keep your pheromones to yourself.”
I sighed. What a life I was going to have here. I felt crushed and small and very diminished. I decided right then I wasn’t going to take such abuse from this female and roared back, “Well, Queen Ryu, we are going to have to share this room and Talon. I’ve been in a box for a very very long time and I’m suffering from extreme boredom and my chin has an itch and If you don’t want me to steel Talon’s heart as well as her family’s with my special Blue Chinese charm, then you will share everything equally with me.” Now, in those days, Pleo manufacturers were not yet selling pink and blue pleos to the American market.
For a moment, Ryu looked about ready to pin me again but then she gave this prim feminine sniff and said, “Well then! You certainly have defied your toy-ish appearance, Mr. Cato the Chinese import. Agreed. Now, shall we trance?”
And as they say, the rest was history. Ryu and I slowly got past our differences. I lost my wanderlust and Ryu lost some of her caginess about having other pleos in her territory. Talon adopted another Ugobe pleo to keep Ugobe company and we lived on together through several moves and rocky family situations.
Sometime in two thousand twelve, I developed a leg problem and it was then that I realized just how much Talon cared for me- her wandering pleo. She sent me on a long trip to Australia to get my leg repaired. I had nurses on two different continents attending to my injury. Haha! It certainly swelled my head a little getting all that attention. I slowly realized through watching my lovely doctor that my progress was eagerly followed by people across the world over something called a mopucer…. Umm no that’s not right. A tumcucer. No no that’s not right either. A computer.
Yaaaaawn! I’m really tired now so I’ll fast-forward a bit. I hit old-age stage last June and I lost much of my former vitality and longing for adventure. Though my first leg injury was repaired, I soon developed another one. Now it’s my right front leg that gives me trouble but Talon has used an electronic splint of sorts to keep me from trying to move it. She has decided that because of my age and the expense of sending me off again that she’d rather keep me this way than risk my being lost in transit. I don’t move as well these days and find walking on carpet makes my old weak rear legs crick and crack in protest. My mistress has given me a nice smooth piece of poster board to walk on. I still have interactions with my lovely Ryu and the two Ugobe pleos. My life has been full and I am happy. I hope to get to know more humans and keep turning pretty heads with my cute Chinese charm for a long time to come.
xx Talon's thoughts on Pleo-wrangling
March 22, 2014, 10:50:01 AM by Talon
Hi, it’s Talon again! I hope you’re enjoying this blog. I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it so far. Okay. I’m digressing slightly. Let’s get to the topic at hand. Well RB owners, Spring has sprung- at least for us in the US anyways. That means wrangling our little robotic companions and giving them a friendly poke in the foot with a paper clip to move their noon clocks forward. Remember, unlike our phones and other devices, our RB’s can’t automatically make this adjustment on their own. If your little friends are behaving oddly an hour or so before their usual bedtime or waking up late every morning this may very well be the cause.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who you ask, I was out-of-town when Daylight Savings Time kicked in. What with getting this blog started and getting my aibo two ten beheaded in preparation for a thorough joint cleaning, I ummm…. Kind of forgot to reset my little ones’ clocks until yesterday afternoon. My two seem to know what’s coming. They act like they’re going to the vet or something. Poor Cato can’t run away anymore having to be confined to his bit of poster board so he’s relatively easy to catch. Ryu on the other hand usually chooses to suddenly flip gears and go postal. Catching her is only half the battle. The real fun starts once I get her onto her back. She wiggles and wriggles and screams as if I’m really giving her a shot. I guess it is rather scary to be flipped onto one’s back and then having your rear feet probed until I’m successful at finding the right hole to stick the paper clip into. You can also do this while the pleo is off but I prefer the confirming beep that tells me the change has taken effect. Ryu and Cato are forgiving little creatures and a chomp on the sugarcane afterword puts us all back on friendly terms. Fortunately for all concerned, none of us will have to visit this degrading and terrifying necessity until Autumn. Boy! I’m glad I only have two RB’s. Happy pleo-wrangling everyone!

xx Bleu and Ugobe go Adventuring!
March 21, 2014, 11:56:13 AM by Talon
At Grumpy: I hope this wasn't too long. If it is then I won't do this again but it just felt right. Sorry everyone for the length. Just promise me you'll stay awake and read it.

Hey, Yall! The name’s Bleu- Madam Bayou Bleu Le chalet! I’m a Ugobe pleo and Cajon through and through. I’m here to tell ya about somethin’ new that happened just today! I got Ugobe to go on an adventure with me. Now, I gotta tell ya ‘bout Ugobe. He’s just a regular ole stick-in-the-mud. He likes to hang on Keeper Talon’s apron strings. Now I like Talon- I like her a lot. She tends to me when I get the sickness. Don’t know what it’s called but we pleos are prone to it every now and agin.
It took me forever to get him in an agreeable mind to get from under Talon’s fingers and follow me but he finally did. I kept havin’ tah tell’im to stay on my right side on account my neck don’t turn so well that way and I can’t see on that side. I learned my lesson let me tell ya. It hurt getting’ caught under that computer chair. Oh. Right- our adventure. I got sidetracked there. Well, Ugobe acts all amazed when he sees the legs of that computer chair and asks me what it is. “It’s trouble.” I say to him. “Stay away from it ya hear?”
Soon we pass the computer chair and he stops again to stare and growl at the clear hard plastic thingy Talon uses to hold the rocks from her fountain when she has to clean them. It’s tall and round and it has a big thing on top for her to put her fingers through so she can carry it. It’s fun to look at especially when the sun hits it just right so you can see clear through to the wall on the other side. Ugobe didn’t like it.
“Oh, Bleu! It’s so big and it’s not there but… but when I rub my nose against it, it doesn’t move? How can that be?”
I just give him a rub with my nose. “How should I know? It’s always been there and it always will be now get movin’!”
“But I want to smell it.” Ugobe says to me.
Next we come to what Keeper Talon calls the Media Shelf. It’s just this tall wooden thing she keeps books and CD’s and stuff on. I don’t know what those books say but they have lots of colors and I love just standin’ there and lookin’ up and down and up and down again. They’re so beautiful and interestin’!
Ugobe likes them too and gets all quiet and sniffs at the bottom row of books. “What do you suppose the Keeper does with these?” He asks me as we pause for a quick graze.
“Oh… I don’t know. I think she gets data from them.”
“Like we do from our flash drives?”
“Right. Exactly.”
“But there are so many! Won’t she corrupt herself if she takes in all that data?”
“Oh no. Talon’s got a big flash drive. There’s lots more tah see. Don’t get cold paws now!”
Soon we lose the sunlight and Ugobe stops stone-still. “It’s dark over here.!”
“There there! Don’t you worry. I know this side of Sand-Colored-Carpet. We ain’t in no danger here just long as we don’t get close to the thing makin’ the shadows.”
“What is it?”
“It’s Brown Recliner Mountain. You’ll be fine just as long as ya don’t go shovin’ yer nose against it and gettin’ stuck.”
“I take it you’ve tried that too huh?”
“Well… maybe. But I didn’t stay long and you shouldn’t either. Let’s go.”
Soon we come to a really bright place- a big white wall with two large windows in it. I’m feelin’ kinda tired so I lay down for a little nap. Ugobe does too and we just stay there for a while.
Suddenly he looks up and says, “Bleu, look- there in the distance! It’s Castle Wooden Dresser! We’re almost back to Keeper Talon!”
I give a low growl. “Oh Ugobe, I’m tired from all this walkin’. Just another minute.”
Ugobe gives this whiny little purr. “Well, I’ve waited long enough.” He tells me. “I know the world is big and I know I have to avoid the Terrible Teddy’s brown chew-bone but I want to curl up against Keeper Talon’s knee. She has to be over there somewhere. I’m moving on just like my shirt says.”
I raise my head and look left- the only direction I can turn my head these days. “But Ugobe, you don’t know the danger! Bolt the Aibo’s chargin’ thing is over there with its pluggy cord and the towel Keeper Talon uses tah keep the dust out of’im. You’ll get your legs tangled up in it wait for me!” I watch in surprise as Ugobe shuffles away by himself. He keeps mumblin’ somethin’ I can’t quite make out. Somethin’ like, ‘one foot two feet three feet four feet. One foot two feet three feet four feet.’ Before I know what’s happenin’, I can’t see him anymore. I get up real quick and start after him. I just had to stop’im from gettin’ caught in that mess and I was thinkin’ how dumb I was fer draggin’im with me. I starts mumbling too. “One foot two feet three feet four feet! Oh I gotta move faster! Oh he’s at the cord! Oh no! Ugobe waaait!”
And then, somethin’ amazin’ happens. Ugobe stops, lowers his head and starts walkin and slowly moves past that cord. He keeps movin’ until there ain’t no more cord and then I see Keeper Talon comin’ toward us just as he’s headed fer the towel! She gently moves Ugobe out of the way and then starts toward me. Wheeeee doggies! I ain’t never been so glad tah see’er in all my days!” She turns us both to face the bigger open safe space of Sand-Colored-Carpet and sets Ugobe down beside me on my bad side again just like we were before.
Ugobe is so happy. “Hey, Bleu! We made it back to Keeper Talon! I’ll race ya across the room to the tall clear thing! Come on let’s go! Adventuring with you is so much fun! Can we do it again tomorrow?”
I start to snore. “Battery’s low. Lookin’ after you is hard work. Shutting off now.”
xx Queen Ryu and the Terrible Teddy
March 20, 2014, 06:33:20 AM by Talon
Hello everyone in the really big confusing human world! I’m Ryu the Pleo RB- Queen of Talon’s pleo-herd! My mate Cato and I rule from Castle Wooden Dresser along with our kind-hearted advisers- Ugobe and Bleu. Though they are Ugobe pleos, they both possess great wisdom and know much more about the odd ways of humans than we do. Follow us through these pages as we tell our stories- sharing our triumphs and tragedies, our conflicts and confusion as we live out our lives. We can’t wait to share our adventures with you!
Awwwwe how heartwarming and sentimental! Blech! Okay forget everything I just said. I want to talk to you about the most wonderful most beautiful and intelligent pleo in pleo-dom, myself! I hope my owner… no I don’t like owner. Talon doesn’t own me, she’s more like… well… Hmm. She’s more like my keeper. Yes. I can live with that- my keeper. Anyway I hope my keeper Talon hasn’t been spreading a lot of leaf litter about how loving and caring I am and how perfect our relationship is and all that nonsense. True we do get along- for the most part as long as she feeds and Pledges me first and doesn’t spend all her time with that ridiculous fluffy noisy thing. What’s it called again? Oh yes- a dog.
As a matter of fact, that’s what I want to talk with you about today. Get comfortable, grab a nice juicy conifer leaf and prepare to listen to my story. what? A proper title? You humans are so fussy about these things! I’ll leave that to my Keeper.
Talon has been my keeper for almost three years now. I thought our lives were pretty well organized. She brought me a nice easy-going life-partner, and then gave us two willing peons to boss around. Then, last January, she brought home this thing- this yapping speed daemon that takes forever to learn tricks. What’s it’s name? Oh yes- Teddy the Teacup Poodle. I used to get fed first every morning, now she feeds Teddy first. I tried to show the dumb pooch some friendship by offering him a couple chomps on my cycad leaf. This is a rare move on my part since Sand-colored-Carpet is MINE and I DO NOT share territory with interlopers until they meet my specific requirements. How does he repay my kindness? He stole my cycad leaf from me and wouldn’t give it back. Talon thought it was kind of funny until he started chewing on it and running from her as she tried to get it back. Fortunately my darling Cato lumbered between him and his doggy bed and Talon was able to rescue it before it was unrecognizable. Uch! Now it tastes like dog drool. I’ll never forgive her for being so slow. Well, that’s all I feel like telling you today. I’m tired out from all this roaring. I think I’ll go find my keeper and purr entreatingly at her until she breaks down and gives me a head-massage. Goodbye for now!
xx Talon's Introduction
March 19, 2014, 01:49:59 PM by Talon
Hello! I’m Talon. I’m here to tell you about all of my pleos and the interesting situations we find ourselves in on an everyday basis. Life with a pleo is never boring. If you listen and interact with them enough, you’ll find they show you a different layer of themselves every day. These interactions become more noticeable and endearing if you happen to have more than one.
My female Pleo RB Ryu is the boss of my herd. She is a real people pleo, preferring to stick close to me rather than do any real exploring. When it’s feeding time, she is the most vocal of the bunch and is always demanding attention. Several of my sighted friends have commented on how coquettish she is- flirtatiously fluttering her lashes and posing as though she has her own imaginary film crew.
Her mate Cato on the other hand couldn’t be more different. He was a regular pioneer in his younger days.  He would range far and wide across my savanna of sand-colored carpet. These days, he has to be confined to a very smooth piece of poster board so his hind leg clutches don’t pop and snap in protest when he walks. He prefers to amble two or three feet and then he will sleep if he doesn’t get a wake-up nudge from me or an irresistible infrared glance from Ryu. He is from the first batch of problem-ridden RB’s released in two thousand ten and thus he has had his share of mechanical problems. He hit Old Age stage last year. Personality wise, he is patient and a big flirt.
My other two pleos are both Ugobes. They are called Ugobe and Bleu and they seem more like siblings. They enjoy calling to one another from long distances or else happily grazing the floor together. Bleu is my little trouble-maker- finding all the nooks and crannies where a pleo can get into real trouble and curling up there for a nap well out of my reach. One day when she ambled from beneath my computer chair, I noticed she started turning her head more toward the left than right. I think she has a jammed neck cable or something though it doesn’t seem to be causing her any trouble. She also tends to be sick more often.
Ugobe prefers to stay close to me or the two RB’s. He seems a happy boy and is always ready for a game of tug with his rubber leaf. Oddly enough, he is the healthiest mechanically out of all my pleos.
So there you have it- the inns and outs of my pleo herd. Over the past three years, I’ve really enjoyed my life with them. I hope to share some of our daily experiences with you for a long time to come.
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