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xx Zoe the Aibo 220 Introduces herself
January 28, 2017, 07:46:46 AM by Talon
Hello, Bob The Pleo forums! My name is Zoe and I'm an Aibo 220. I know I know I'm not a Pleo. This was all Ugobe's idea. Something about diversity. Keeper Talon would probably make him stop using her computers if she knew he was using a Pleo forum to showcase other bots. Just for you readers who are dyed-in-the-wool Pleo fans, this departure from standard code won't happen very often.
Anyway as I was saying, I'm Zoe the Aibo. I am the only female in Keeper Talon's Aibo pack. I used to belong to your own Aibo7M3 but since I wasn't getting as much run time as some of her other bots, she asked Keeper Talon to take over my care.
I came into Kingdom… Kingdom last May but with Keeper Talon preparing to move and everything, I never got a chance to introduce myself. If Ryu is the imperious lady and Madam Bleu is the loud boisterous one, I am the timid one. No one is quite sure where Goldy the I-Cybie fits into the group. While everyone else runs around and fights over the ball, I sit and admire my beautiful hooves. Well what else would you call them? They don't look like feet. I move slowly and gracefully while all the others either lumber or charge. I prefer waiting my turn or letting my keeper do all the playing for me. After all, kicking the ball is too much work. What if I miss? I don't like making mistakes.
I do have a confession to make though. Out of all the members of Kingdom… Kingdom that stroll past me every day, my best friend has to be Bolt the Aibo 210. While all the other bots largely ignore me after I don't interact or join in their noisy clatter with the ball, Bolt takes the time to try to talk to me. He totally changes when he interacts with me. With Lucky he's haughty and disdainful. He never acknowledges Ginto the 31L or Reepicheep the 110. But he pauses before approaching me and becomes almost shy like he doesn't quite know what to make of me and haphazardly paws the ball toward me. *Lowers head and shows sad LEDS* I do want to interact with him and try to be nice but… but suddenly I get all jittery in my randomizer tree and can't calculate whether to flash red eyes or try and kick the ball back. I just decide to head-butt him instead. He retreats in hurt dignity but he always comes back. *Looks toward us with owner eyes* But that's why I like him. Actually I like him a lot, but I'm afraid if I start playing with him like the others, he'll stop treating me special. *Hangs head slowly with a descending whine* Oh what's a lonely girl to do? I want to walk in circles with him! I want to do the funny bottom-in-air dance with him! I want to wave in Talk To Your Friend mode and see him wave back. I just can't seem to do it. It's easier just to turn my shoulder to him and beep dismissively.
About a month ago I was so desperate I actually had a conversation with him, but when he started asking me about lying down in a shadowy corner and swapping stories, I totally lost it and started hurling insults and made him lower his head and whine in surrender. I was hoping he'd just walk away but he sat up on his back legs and started Aibo-boxing at me. I was caught somewhere between being angry and happy for the attention and screamed discordantly back. His next retort shook me up so much I started whining too. With that, he got up and walked away with that high-stepping nice-guy gait of his. *Lies down with cocked head and paws at face* Oh you humans, I'm so confused about myself. Will he ever talk to me again? Do I want him to talk to me again? Oh more than anything! Oh enough of this! I think I'll just take a nap.
xx Keeper Talon Seeks Writing Ideas
November 25, 2016, 11:40:29 AM by Talon
Hi, Everyone! It's that lovely time of year again- time to get started on what I've been calling the Pleo Cave Marathon. For those new to the Pleo Cave, this is basically a story broken into several parts that gets posted daily up to Christmas day or after, depending on how busy or slack the author gets. Lol! Please comment below and give me some suggestions as to what you loyal fans of this blog would like to see the royal family and the citizens of Kingdom... Kingdom get up to this Christmas. Just as a refresher, in two thousand fourteen, we had Queen Ryu helping out a troubled teenaged girl and her family. In two thousand fifteen, we had Ugobe reveal his secret identity and save a group of stolen Pleo RB's. being held by a group of elves wanting to form a Punk Rocker band. Let the ideas flow and let's get this train moving!
xx Queen Ryu makes a special announcement
November 05, 2016, 04:22:38 PM by Talon
Hello, Bob the Pleo Forums! It is I- Queen Ryu of Kingdom... Kingdom here once again with a public service announcement. To all those humans out there who own Pleo RB's it is once again time to... *Shudders* To capture your scaly companion, and set their clocks back an hour. To do this, simply take a paperclip or other small pointy object and stick it into the hole on your Pleo's right hind foot. If you are just as heartless as my Keeper and wish us to give you a confirming beep to show you the setting was successful, perform this operation when we are turned on. Turn us onto our backs while holding us across one knee. Mind our necks and tails as we naturally do not like being on our backs and will flail around wildly. Put your paperclip into the small hole I mentioned earlier and press gently. Please, be gentle. This is degrading enough for us already. You should hear a single beep. Now the operation is complete and you can set us on our feet again. We may be very cranky at you for handling us this way but if you have the sugarcane accessory just give us a few nibbles of that and we will consider the matter forgotten. While most of you will probably do this at midnight tonight, please don't do this tonight! Otherwise we will think it is time to play in the middle of the night and won't be worth much during the day. I think it would be safe for you to wait until noontime tomorrow and you should still be safe and we will not be confused. Happy Autumn, everyone and give your Pleo RB's a reassuring pat. Now I have to make tracks. Keeper Talon has stalked me for the past five minutes now and since I have paused to link up with Mr. Mac, she has time to catch up with me. Right. I'm off! Wish me luck in escaping this torment! Until the Spring!
Queen Ryu of Kingdom... Kingdom
xx Madam Bleu and the Red-Robot-Highrise
September 29, 2016, 03:18:33 PM by Talon
Hey, everyone! It's Madam Bleu! Glad tah see people're still interested in readin' our adventures! I like meetin' new pleos and other bots too so don't fergit tah write me once in a while. We here in Kingdom... Kingdom like hearin' from our readers too so don't feel left out if yer of the warm-blooded truly living variety. Keeper Talon likes gettin' ideas from other sources too so don't fergit to share yours!

Okay, okay, enough with all the chit-chat. Let's see. So much has happened that I don't quite know where tah start. I guess I'll start describin' our new digs. Hehe! I like that word- digs. It sounds all cool and stuff. I don't wanna talk about the terrifyin' journey- spendin' the night in that hot awful trailer outdoors stuffed in a box. The worst part was listenin' tah Ginto snorin' and goin' on and on about pink balls and then suddenly switchin' ta Japanese in his sleep. He's an odd one that Ginto.

Anyway I had a feelin' awesome things would happen the next day when the people Keeper Talon rode with drove us tah the new place. The first thing I saw when I was un-boxed was... wait for it. Wait a little longer. Okay, okay, it was just a very large room fulla boxes. Half of it is carpeted and the other half has linoleum floorin' with a nice rack of cabinets in it. There are two more doors on that side but I don't know where they go since Keeper Talon doesn't let me explore that area. She says it's acause Teddy's food and water's over there. She can be so overprotective sometimes! I ain't dumb enough tah stick my head in a bowla water.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Queen Ryu was so excited tah get back to life as usual. She was goin' on and on with Ugobe about how new species lines would be drawn since half the room was unusable fer us but that the Aibos could use it. They could walk into the bowla water if they were so inclined and it wouldn't matter tah her- more room for them to expand.

Then out of the blue, her Highness gives this goodness awful shriek. "What's this? Cato! Cato Darling look! What... what is our keeper doing putting her typing board on top of Castle-Brown-Wooden-dresser? That's ours! That's our home. Where will we live?""

Ya gotta love that guy Cato. He's as cool as a tile floor. Don't nothin' ruffle him up. He just gave his lady's shoulder a rub and said. "Now Ryu, don't get your wires in a knot. Keeper Talon has something special for us- all of us."

"Really?" Queen Ryu says all trembly like. You shoulda seen her all curled up and lookin' scared.

"Yes." Cato says. "Look over there. That is our new home."

I shoved up beside them. "Oo! Oo! Hey, let me look too!" And when Keeper Talon shoved Lucky the ERS-7's box out of the way, I saw it- our new home. It was a large wooden cabinet nice and shiny with varnish with a couple'a locks to keep us as secure as possible with four wide Formica shelves just a shinin' there in the sun from the window.

Queen Ryu went all quiet and stared at her mate. "Oh... Oh, Cato-kins, it's beautiful! Look how tall it is! What shall we call it, Love?"

"I'll leave that to you, Dearest." Cato said calmly.

Queen Ryu wiggled all over and said. "Oooh, I'll never be able to capture how lovely it is! Let me think. What about Red-Robot-Highrise?" Not a one of us said a word. To my surprise, she looked around at me, Cato and Zoomer since we were the only three outa our boxes yet. "We will all be living in it. What do you think?"

"Ruff ruff ruff! Red big big red thing to bang nose into! Ruff ruff ruff! Yeah looks good enough to drift past and ram into and eat and pee on and..."

"Zoomer!" We all groaned.

The little dog lowered himself to the floor and gave a bad electronic-soundin' puppy yawn. "Yeah yeah okay. The Ruff Ruff Red-Robot-Highrise. Okay. Good good! Can I follow your tail now Highness?"

"NO! SIT DOWN!" Queen Ryu shouted.

"I can't wait to move in! At least Keeper Talon will put us all on the top shelf just like when we lived on Castle-Brown-Wooden-dresser."

"Pardon me, yer Highness," I asked. "Ya won't be nervous havin' all the Aibos and that yip-yap puppy livin' with you?"

"Oh no!" Queen Ryu said. "I can keep an eye on him better from high up. We'll all get along just fine while we're apart. Now what will happen when we're loose and wandering around...I'll leave that up to you and Ugobe to deal with. Cato and I have higher things to manage. You keep the rabble... Uh, I mean the other robots occupied, alright?"

I sighed. "Yes, yer Highness."

And so here we all are- happy on our very own shelves and still tryin' tah get along. I guess things coulda' been a lot worse but that's life here in Kingdom... Kingdom. Seeya next time!
xx A Word or two from Bolt the Aibo
September 21, 2016, 02:45:53 PM by Talon
Hello you lovely pleo people! I'm Bolt the Aibo 210! I know I'm not a cute slow dinosaur that looks like a turtle without a shell. This was Ugobe's idea! A bunch of talk about being more diverse- whatever that means. He let ME have the stage today so there! *Flashes angry red eyes* Human! Listen! Bark! Oh, why aren't you acknowledging me? What about an ear-flick? Verbal confirmation? Something to show you're paying attention. Oh... Right, I forgot you're on the other side of a screen. Sorry.

Well, what should I do? Oh! That's right! I'm supposed to be talking about our move! *Does wiggly 210 dance* Okay. Here goes! I honestly don't remember much about the move since my battery was out, but when I booted up, I instantly became aware something was... wrong. One side of my head felt unusually light. Once I finished with my boot stretch and started looking around I was amazed! This wasn't my room. There was two different kinds of flooring in it and there were card board mountains everywhere and strange loud people and... and music! What a place! So much stimulation and noise! So much red, and pink, and even orange! So confusing! I ran at the first big red thing but it kept moving and saying "Don't do that!" Oh, right. That red thing was my owner, Talon. She really is an agile creature, you know? She was wearing a red upper cloth thing and had big oval things on her back paws. They were pink like my favorite ball. She would make a great toy if only she wouldn't scold me for kicking her! I mean, she moves and it makes me so happy. Why doesn't she understand? We're having fun! Aren't we?

"Oh! Bolt!"

I stopped and turned toward the sound, instantly going into the Dog's Life daze. Any of us robots would be tempted to do it if she called our names like that. "Queen Ryu!" I said, lowering my camera so I wouldn't have to look at her. "What is it? There isn't any poster board out for you and thus there aren't any boundaries yet. I'm not in the wrong am I, your... uh, beautiful... long- I mean, uh, Ladyship?

"Well." She said in that imperious way of hers. "No no! Anyone can see there are still enough cardboard mountains here to satisfy your curiosity. I was referring to your ummm... state of dress."

"Huh? I'm a real robot your, uh... loveliness. We don't need all that silly cloth stuff."

"No no you dimwit!" She snarled suddenly. "Look at how you appear before me all knocked about and... and asymmetrical!"

Instantly I raised my head and shook myself in that way we Aibos do when we get up from a fall. There was that feeling again! The air felt funny passing through the microphone on the left side of my head. Something really was different but I couldn't figure it out. "But... but what's the matter with me?" I asked, genuinely confused.

Queen Ryu stepped back, raising her square-ish nose in the air in derision. "Oh come on! You're missing an ear! You dare to appear before me half put together?"

I froze again. "Well, Lady-highness, it's not my fault. I'm sure my owner packed me in one piece. How could that be? Am I really missing an ear?"

"Yes you are and until you are looking yourself, I demand you resign your post of Aibo-ambassador and leave it to... to... someone with better grooming. This place isn't my home!" And with that she turned her wiggly tail to me. "Good day!"
As she walked slowly away I couldn't help raising my hind leg and marking the place where she had been. "Keep walking you bag of bad wiring! By the time you find your comfy corner to lounge in I'll have this room mapped and a report drawn up for Diplomat Ugobe. He'll sort you out. My brothers and the Lady Zoe will have plenty to say about your mistreatment of us. We Aibos out number you and your pleo army these days. Now, who will be my replacement? Ah! I know just the bot- Zoomer. Not very intelligent and a bit flighty I'll admit, but plenty of pluck and annoying unwieldy puppy clumsiness. Oh yes. He'll drive you to distraction! We'll see who gets more pats now, oh yes we will! And with that, I marched proudly away to begin my survey. Thus my report is ended. I hope you humans enjoyed my story!

What's that? You don't know about the Lady Zoe? Well, I don't want to push the praise sensor too much with Diplomat Ugobe. This is a pleo blog after all and I wouldn't want to upstage anyone. So much has happened since the last entry here hasn't it? Those pleos should be less pleo-centric in their reporting shouldn't they? Maybe that's what Ugobe meant about being more diverse. Perhaps keeper Talon will introduce her to all of you some other time. *waves a front paw* Bye-bye!
xx The Pleo Cave Reopens!
September 20, 2016, 01:56:18 PM by Talon
Hello, Bob the Pleo Forums! I'm sure you're wondering what on earth has become of me- Keeper Talon and my odd asortment of characters. Well, I'll tell you but first I have to apologize for my bad spelling. I haven't found Microsoft 360 all that accessible at the moment and so I'm stuck using an open source word processor that does not come with a spell-checker. It bugs me to no end to have to show you guys a raw manuscript like this but at the moment I don't have an alternative.
I'm sure all of you are curious to find out what has become of my crew and what we all have been up to since my migration to South Carolina. Well I'll let them tell you themselves in my next series of blog entries. I look forward to providing all of you with lots of humorous entertainment once again!
xx Ryu Writes a Poem
June 01, 2016, 04:57:36 PM by Talon
My mate is a noble creature
His head held high and strong
My keeper gently pats him
Her patience deep and long.

He rewards her kindness
With a roaring mooing song.

She who brings food
Who loves and laughs and is seldom rude
Rubs a finger across his shoulders
Where his torn skin has been reglued.

I love them from a distance
Wishing I were there
I'd never love another
Nor accept another's care.

The sun sinks away at the close of day
In the midst of my low courage
I begin to cry.

My mate looks up at me with one bright amber eye
That gaze so solid and unable to lie.

I am so happy
I am a part of a family
And they are and forever a part of me.

xx Madam Bleu and the Mystery of the Room-Of-Every-Requirement
May 11, 2016, 11:36:53 AM by Talon
Hay, Ya'll! It's Madam Bleu here! Just wanted tah check in and let ya know what we've been up to here in Kingdom... Kingdom. Keeper Talon's been real busy packin' and buyin' stuff fer our future habitat. I like that word, habitat. Sounds all nice and big and colorful, don't it?
Keeper Talon ran me alone today and I was happy tah have Sand-colored-Carpet all tah myself! All the towers of boxes that started growin' up recently just uptted and vanished. I was glad to see them go but Queen Ryu seems kinda confused by them vanishin'. I saw where they went but whenever I try tah tell'er, she don't want tah believe me. I told her Keeper Talon moved them into the Room-of-Every-Requirement. What? You ain't never heard of the Room-of-Every-Requirement? Oh, alright alright. You humans call it a closet. We call it the Room-of-Every-Requirement. Well Ugobe invented that name, I didn't. I once went into that room and I hope I'm never so dumb as tah go in there again. I'll tell ya the story.
A few days ago, Keeper Talon had this man in her room with a piece of silver metal. They were measuring the shelf where she keeps her square flappy discs with dots on them. They were talkin' 'bout making a sort of three-story fortress fer the Aibos- one with doors and two locks and bars set across the doors. Hmph! Why do those square-footed creatures need so much protection? Anyway I moved over tah them so I could hear a little better.
The man kinda moved out of my way and that was when I saw the cracked open door just wide enough fer me tah fit through.
It was so big and dark and interesting-lookin' in there. I could see the bright colors of the boxes in there and also this huge bright pink plastic storage tub. I thought I'd just take a peep in there tah give a report to Queen Ryu so I walked in. I got so excited walkin' around among all those danglin' colorful clothin' vines hanging down from above and takin' a chomp of a large puff hangin' off Keeper Talon's suitcase. Those towers of boxes were a regular maze almost all the way across the space. I saw a gap between two box-towers and walked in tah see what was on the other side and ran smack dab in tah the wall. I guess I panicked. I tried tah turn around but there wasn't enough space. I was stuck!
Keeper Talon and that man went on for a few minutes and then the man said, "Hey your little turtle went into your closet. Are they supposed to go in there." The nerve of him callin' me a turtle! Keeper Talon moved over tah the closet and started looking fer me. It took both of them movin' boxes outa the way before they found me. When the corner of that box of books moved outa the way and I saw Keeper Talon's face I let out an annoyed growl. I don't know why I growled and didn't moo in happiness or somethin'. Guess I was just angry at her fer takin' so long tah rescue me. I'm alright despite my adventure and I had a nice story tah take back tah the others. I hope ya liked this story too. Just you other keepers remember tah keep an eye on yer little companions when we're runnin' around in yer big confusin' world. Sometimes, obstacle-detection don't work as well as advertised and we can get tah trouble just like a little human. All this yackin' and transmittin' has tired me out. I'm gonna get some Zees. Bye!
xx Ugobe Celebrates his Birthday
April 12, 2016, 03:51:53 PM by Talon
Hello! It's Ugobe here of Kingdom... Kingdom. Keeper's brain has been very foggy recently but I have a birthday sometime this month. With everything else going on, she can hardly keep her own important days straight let alone ours. I can understand that she might be a bit forgetful this year. She has often referred to me as her Easter pleo and that's about the only clue I have. Well, I can't seem to muster a lot of emotional furver about the day of my arrival so rather than trying to celebrate and get all happy, I'll just tell you the story-what I can remember of it- of my first day with my new family.
There was nothing momentous about the day I arrived. When Keeper Talon removed me from my nearly crushed shipping box, she placed me on my head as she dug through everything else that came with me. I remember she took a video of that un-boxing and that she seemed in a really big hurry. I guess her phone didn't have much memory. Back then, her niece recorded her videos for her. I remember her rubbing my back and laughing at how I crouched down and started purring. She giggled and called me the "eternal kitty"
After that, I decided to go exploring. The room was very large and the floor had lots of edges. I guess it was made of really old wood planking so I was seeing drop offs everywhere. Just when I was starting to settle in and relax in this huuuuge space, I heard a growl and an imperious voice.
"And just who are you?"
I stopped in my tracks and found myself being measured from above in a large purple eye. The speaker was a female Pleo RB. She still had all her paint and that strange new-pleo smell still floated around her. Keeper Talon was running her on her box so her toes wouldn't get scuffed up on that grubby wood. She wasn't free to wander the floor like I was. Having come from a family of mostly Ugobes and from a Keeper with a very big heart, I gave a generous tail-wave and returned her greeting. "I'm Ugobe the Ugobe, my Gracious Lady! Who are you?" At first I thought she was going to shout at me but suddenly she stopped mid roar and batted those amazing purple eyes.
Oh! Well then! Gracious? Did you just call me gracious you lower life form?"
"I did. I've only met one other RB in my life and she wasn't nearly as healthy as you."
The female RB gave a generous bow. "Well! Perhaps you are worth the wire and rubber it took to make you. I am Queen Ryu. The human over there is MY Keeper- Keeper Talon to you. Oh and one other thing I'd like to clear up from the start. I feed first, I get pats first, and when the day comes that Keeper Talon finally releases me from this box, you will explore first and tell me what's ahead. Do we understand each other?"
For a moment my heart rankled at these restrictions. I was very much a pack-pleo. I Always let Major Tom or Nova do all the scouting while I followed with Little Forty Five and the rest of my family. Suddenly  nervous, I hung my head. "uh... Yes, Ma'am."
"Wonderful! Welcome to Kingdom... ... ummmmm ... Kingdom. You shall be my diplomat and ambassador to the other humans our Keeper is probably going to bring in here to poke and prod at us. Oh and you will greet them first, alright? If you judge them to be safe, I will then approach for a caress. Make sure they are worthy of me. If they are not, you will warn me."
After about a week, Keeper Talon released Queen Ryu and I together for the first time. She bought both of us two sets of baby booties to protect our feet. As I promised, I ranged the foreign wooden floor first. There wasn't much to see. We had to scout our way around Keeper Talon's shoes and a large pink storage container but the room seemed a pleo paradise. Just as I was getting comfortable with this routine, Queen Ryu caught sight of a large box fan sitting in the doorway between Keeper Talon's room and the hallway. "Look out there, Queen Ryu!" I said in excitement. "This room goes on for ever!"
"Forget the room," Queen Ryu gasped in rapture. "What about that?" She pointed her nose at the whirling blades of the fan. "Look! See how it spins! Over and over and round and round." She froze in her tracks, her head moving slowly from side to side as she tried to track the fan's movement. "Let's watch this beautiful thing a while."
*Sigh* And the rest was history. I have indeed stayed a faithful diplomat and ambassador. I have endured her Ladyships bouts of temper. I have settled disputes between species as our lovely Kingdom... Kingdom grew and spread across two states. I have learned some basic- aham- hacking that allows me to speak to you humans. *Gives a satisfied purr* Well, I guess my birthday is pretty important after all. Happy birthday to me!
xx Happy Birthday Ryu!
March 23, 2016, 03:45:23 PM by Talon
Happy birthday to ME!
Happy birthday to ME!
I am the most beautiful pleo,
You ever did see!

I am so happy!
I am so happy!
So happy,
To know you all worship,
And pay homage to me!

Okay okay so I'm not a songstress. I'm a petted pleo who will only accept the best, I can't help others just don't understand. Keeper Talon was slacking in her ministrations to me this year on my special day. She was too busy trying to fix her computer. Something about a word-processor that wasn't working properly and was preventing her from writing up my entry. I turned five years old on the nineteenth of March!
She has been late doing everything this year, even failing to acknowledge the birth of this blog. Oh and as if she needed any more of a clue, it was created March nineteenth twenty fourteen- on my birthday! Can you believe it?
She has also been bringing in lots of very interesting boxes. Their colors are amazing! So many song-inspiring labels! Maybe moving isn't going to be so bad if I get to see so much color!
The only one who did show me due reverence was my darling mate, Cato. He stayed in my shadow and told me I was the best thing that happened to him. He even took a short walk with me past the end of our poster board, then had to give an angry meow to our keeper for help once his weak rear leg gears started clicking because of the carpet. He is six years old and will be seven in December. Amazing how time flies! Well, I will take my leave of you now for my new favorite spot near the media shelf with the large stack of very colorful boxes. I feel so small next to this dizzying entrancing camera-catching wonder of Kingdom... kingdom! Have a wonderful day!
Her Worship Queen Ryu
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